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Joe Blasco Cosmetics Professional Make-up Artist Training Center Orlando Fl

To Enroll Apply Online or Call Now: 1 407-363-1234

Not a typical makeup school. Not a diploma mill.

Come to a professional training center where people who are serious about their artistry in film and television makeup come together where other artists learn, create and thrive.

I believe that a true study that leads to a career as a professional makeup artist goes beyond what a typical school classroom setting can offer.

To be honest – most make-up schools are mills. Their business model depends on filling classrooms. They collect fees from students, bring in teachers who may or may not have successful careers as professional make-up artists, and print diplomas that are suitable for framing, but useless for getting a job in the industry. Do not be fooled or led astray by false claims from diploma mills, be aware that the job market for professional make-up artists is very small, and only available to those who possess superior talent and ability. Our state of the art training in expanded make-up artistry techniques for today's ultra super high definition digital electronic processes will offer you all and more of what you need to excel.

Joe Blasco Make-up Artist Materials Training Centers are not mills. You will learn from professional make-up artists who have established careers in major film and television production. You will gain hands-on experience in all phases of professional makeup artistry for motion pictures, television, still photography, the live stage, mortuary, salon, bridal, red carpet, gala, editorial, fashion, runway, and society as well as custom and extremely specialized make up artistry for music videos and special makeup effects and advanced prosthetic applications.

You'll work with seasoned, experienced, veteran professional motion picture and television makeup artists who have worked in Hollywood for over 15 to 50 years! The majority of our masters have worked in Hollywood for more than 25 years.

Think of it – would you rather go to a conventional school and learn how to go through the analog motions of make-up artistry, or would you rather pull up a chair and learn super high definition makeup imaging from true working masters of the trade?

The decision is yours ...

Joe Blasco

Dean of Make-up Instruction Orlando Training Makeup Centers
Hollywood make-up artist since 1966
Pioneer of Special Makeup effects techniques
The first to create schools for professional motion picture and television make-up artists.
The author of today's most definitive and encyclopedic textbook on the art of professional make-up.
The creator of www.MUATV.com, and www.MegaMakeupStore.com
The creator of Joe Blasco Cosmetics Products which have been used by professional make-up artists world wide since 1981.

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