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The Hollywood Facility

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The classrooms in the Joe Blasco Make-up training center, Hollywood, are designed to duplicate the actual environment of major film and television studio Make-up departments. These learning areas are open, spacious, comfortable, professionally mirrored, lighted and shadow-free environments that permits the trainee to work at maximum efficiency without distraction. The prosthetics lab contains all of the equipment necessary to create special Make-up effects, and also serves as an additional classroom.


The Hollywood Facility includes:

  1. The Make-up Department Application Area training facilities
  2. Hairwork training facilities
  3. Special Make-up Effects Prosthetics Lab
  4. School Administrators’ Offices
  5. Film/Video Sound Stage
  6. Job/Announcements Bulletin Board
  7. Restrooms and break area
  8. Photography Studio
  9. Make-up Museum
  10. 1st Floor Photo Gallery
  11. Study Hall, Viewing Theater and Professional Make-up Demonstration/Lecture Hall
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