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Meet the Hollywood Instructors

Rob BurmanIMDb

Biography of a Sculptor


For Forty years, Rob Burman has been “playing” with clay.

In fact it started when he was a young boy and his father handed him the soft and yielding material to keep the young Rob occupied while the senior Burman created some of Hollywood’s more extraordinary Make-up and Effects; “The Planet of the Apes“, “Lost In Space”, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. Rob’s Father was a true pioneer in the film industry.

Rob, himself, began working right along side his “old man” fresh out of High School. His new-found career took off and he never looked back; “The Thing”, “Ghostbusters”, “The Fly” - Rob was involved in them all. His love of the craft and his sculpted designs are viewed every year by millions of people all over the world in nearly 300 films and television shows.

While immersed in his career, Rob began discovering the wondrous talent of his Grandfather, Ellis Burman. Ellis had been a sculptor of monuments and museum pieces during the Great Depression in Nebraska: “Smoke Signals” (an 18’ tall, 26 ton cement sculpture), War Monuments, museum pieces and busts of numerous Politicians of his day. When Ellis finally headed west for Hollywood, he became involved in classic movies like 1941‘s “The Wolfman”, (sculpting the silver-headed cane that causes the lead monster’s demise and saves the day), “Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein” and even TV’s “The Munsters”.

Rob, as a third generation artist, was hooked. His passion for creating in clay was gnawing away at him. He had sculpted literally hundreds of pieces through out his career, from masks to monsters, from the cartoon to the ultra-realistic. But now his creative desires were overflowing. What would his personal inspiration be?
Rob’s interests are wide and varied. At home working in most any medium, one never knows what wonders he will be creating next. Will it be a character? A creature? Maybe it will be an astounding recreation of nature. One never knows but what IS known is that Rob will be using his focus, concentration and skills to make us all take another look at the world around us and see the remarkable things it has to offer.  For us, it is a treat worth exploring. For Rob, it’s another day in his magical studio

When asked which piece he will do next, Rob replies, “What would you like to see?”

Kathleen RogersIMDb

Professional Make-up Artist

Kathleen Rogers is a veteran Make-Up Artist who is a two-time Emmy nominee, and a graduate of the Joe Blasco Makeup Artist Training Center Hollywood. She has an extensive background in television, film, print, commercials and all phases of make-up. She is a journeyman with IATSE-Local 706. She has had the responsibility in the roles of department head and special request to the stars and hosts of many of the shows she has worked on.

Some of the films Ms. Rogers has worked on include such movies as “Something’s Gotta Give”, “Why Do Fools Fall In Love?”, “Deadly Sunday” and “Mechanics of Transition” to name just a few. Her television work includes such Soap Operas as “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful”. Ms. Rogers’s skills landed her the responsibility of being the head of make-up for the set of “Married With Children” where she worked as personal make-up artist for Katey Segall and Ed O'Neill along with other cast members. Her other television shows include “Close To Home”, “You Can’t Take It With You”, “Down to Earth”, “Push Nevada”, and “Kids Inc.”, "America's Funniest Home Videos", to name just a few. Her work with Game Shows include “Celebrity Duets”, “Hollywood Squares”, “Let’s Make A Deal”, “Family Feud”, “Card Sharks”, "Price is Right", “American Ninja Warriors”, and many more. She has been personal make-up artist for such individuals as Tom Bergeron, Alex Trebek, Bob Eubanks and Ray Combs. Some of the pilots that she has worked on include “Circus”, "No, Honestly!”, and others.  She has done print make-up for such magazines as Glamour, National Inquirer- National Examiner, TV Guide and many more. She has an extensive list of ministry personalities that she has had the pleasure to work on.

She is a teacher, lecturer, workshop leader, businesswoman and artist professional.

Suzanna P. RupeIMDb

Professional Make-up Artist

Queen of Gore

Suzanna P. RupeSuzana Rupe began her Make-up career while in college in Lake Tahoe, California in 1980 working summer stock theatre. In 1982 she returned to Burbank (where she had previous graduated from the Louis Newberry Cosmetology School of Beauty receiving her state board license) to futher her caree in the film industry.  She started working at Cinema Secrets as a Coloriista in the hair salon during the day and took make-up efx classes in the evenings. She quickly made friends with one of her instructors Harry Blake (Johnny Carson make-up artist) who took her under his wing, teaching her Evening Glamour Corrective Make-up only on the grounds that she must compete. She excepted the challenge and came in 9th place out of over 55 competitors at the Long Beach Make-up and Hair Show. Suzana also studied under the guidance of Scott Readwine and Maurice Stein. On one occasion  the Sheriffs Department was looking for a Make-up Efx Artist to work on training films recreating fatal accidents, she volunteered and gain a reputation for blood and guts and was given the title of Queen of Gore. A title she is proud of to this day. And a motto that reads "Slicem, dicem' spill there guts Suzana!

After leaving Cinema Secrets, she began working on numerous films, music videos and dozens of trailers.  Whenever asked if she could create a particular effect she would use her two sons, Jason and Jacob for practice. "I was always writing them notes for school to excuse them for not doing there homework"." I got them in so much trouble. Especially when I'd send them to school with cuts and scrapes. The teacher would call and say that it was scarring the kids. I would have to go into the principals office and apologize, informing them that it was my fault because I was using my sons as models for the efx I was to do on my projects". Both Jason and Jacob were such good sports and they are the ones that gave me permission to follow my dream.

In 1986 she met Rob Burman at the Fangoria Convention who became her mentor and has been working with him ever since. "He believed in me and I worked hard to learn everything he was so generously teaching me, I owe him the best I can be"

By the 1990's she had become a Department Head and Key Make-up Artist on films, Scare Gone Wild, Body and Soul, Back in Business, XTRO III: Watch the Skies (that earned her a write up in Fangoria Magazine and Cinifantastique), The Ice Runner, Life 101 and many others.

She met and started working with Stephen Snyder Casting the Pit Bull of Hollywood on film projects As the Key with George Burns "The Day in the Life of George Burns, and numerous music videos with Joe Cocker, Skid Row, Cheap Trick, Bon Jovi, Missing Person, EAZE-E, Toto and Mega Death. Also in that time Stephen brought Suzana on as the Key On Location Make-up Artist for Paramounts Hard Copy and won a nomination for an Emmy. Suzanna continued working on other TV series Soup opera Young and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful as Set stand by for CBS.

By the year 2000 she had already traveled on location to London, Paris, Mexico Panama and various states doing different projects. Some of her favorites are ARMY of Darkness with Sam Raimi, Adam Green's Hatchett, Yesterdays Target, A Drink with Shane MacGowen starring Johnny Depp ("Johnny is the only actor that has ever made my knees buckle"). Hallmarks Meet the Santas, End of the Spear and THE Y2K TV Interviews in 3 countries featuring 8 Nobel Prize winners. "I'll never forget being with some of the greatest minds on this planet." How could I not love this job!!!

"I've been a very lucky woman in my career and there is not another field as awesome as this". Yes, Suzana is a true professional, an organized leader, creative, resourceful and a confident woman.

In 2010 she was recommend to the Joe Blasco Make-up Training Center for a position as an Instructor for the Professional Course teaching Bald Cap, Injury Simulation, Character, Monster Construction Prosthetics and more. "I have been so happy here teaching what I love to do best, and it is inspiring creative minds to be the best make-up artist they can be. I hope that I can put that spark into each of my students. And of course working with the #1 guy in the industry, Joe Blasco is a dream come true!

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