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Joe Blasco Credits - Highlights Throughout the Years

Served as personal make-upartist for: John Hartford, Tom Kennedy, Diahann Carroll, Karen Valentine, Florence Stanley, Abe Vigoda, Jack Soo, Maxwell Gail, Ron Glass, Dorothy Lamour, Lawrence Welk, Rona Barrett, Carol Burnett, Lauren Bacall, Bette Midler, Marlene Dietrich, Charo, Hal Linden, Monty Hall, John Byner, Dick Clark, Rich Little, Marie Osmond, Olivia Newton-John, and Orson Welles. Currently, President and CEO of Joe Blasco Make-upCenter, Inc., Joe Blasco Enterprises, Inc., and Joe Blasco Make-upCenter East, Inc.

Served as head make-upartist on numerous television shows and motion pictures all of which dealt with creative make-upranging from beautiful high-fashion to special horror and science fiction creations including:

1967 Created the world's full-time state approved school for Professional Make-up Artistry in 1967.
1968 Garden of the Dead, Entertainment Pyramid Company - extensive prosthetic make-up: Leslie Uggams Show, CBS-TV:Carol Burnett Show.
1969 Red Skelton Show, CBS-TV, Jim Nabors Show, CBS-TV - Hallmark Hall of Fame: A Storm in Summer, CBS-TV: A Touch of Satan, Dundee Productions.
1970 Pat Paulsen Show, ABC-TV: Eggo Waffle commercial, Kaleidoscope Productions-created a new Frankenstein’s monster: Shasta Cola commercial, Dove Productions-Igor and Frankenstein’s monsters.
1972 Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS, Dario Productions: Julie Andrews Show, ABC-TV: Hollywood Palace, ABC-TV: Barney Miller, DDDD Productions, ABC-TV: Head of Make-up(1972-1977), The Dating Game, ABC-TV (1972-1974), The Newlywed Game, ABC-TV (1972-1974), Steve Allen Show - interview on prosthetic make-up.
1973 Track of the Moon Beast, Dario Productions; 
The Werewolf of Woodstock, Dick Clark Productions, 
ABC-TV - extensive prosthetic make-up: The Addams Family Fun House, CBS-TV-extensive prosthetics make-up, Lawrence Welk Show, ABC-TV (1973 and 1974); Fish, ABC-TV-Head of Make-up(1973 - 1977), General Hospital, ABC-TV (1973 and 1974);Merv Griffin Show, ABC-TV; American Music Awards, ABC-TV.
1974 They Came from Within, Dario Productions; The Oil Sheiks, Dario Productions; Perry Como Special, ABC-TV; Bing Crosby Christmas Special, KTTV-TV: Missiles of October, ABC-TV: Girl in My Life, ABC-TV: Novus Calculator commercial, Topol Productions-created Frankenstein’s monster; Sony Bono Show, ABC-TV: Viva Valdez, ABC-TV.
1976 The Showoffs, ABC-TV: Let’s Make a Deal, ABC-TV: Rhyme and Reason, ABC-TV: Good Morning America, ABC-TV: Academy Awards Show (1976 and 1977), Opened the JOE BLASCO MAKE-UP CENTER WEST in Hollywood, California.
1976 Carol BurnettMr. Blasco was Carol Burnett’s make-upartist for over eleven years. Having worked with her on the last six months of the original, "Carol Burnett Show", he continued as her make-upartist for many TV shows, TV specials, personal appearances, and numerous magazine covers. In addition, Mr. Blasco’s work has graced the faces of many other beautiful stars and celebrities including Diane Carrol, Dorothy Lamour, Marlene Dietrich, Olivia Newton-John, and Lauren Becall. He credits Ms. Burnett and these other professional superstars for the inspiration which they gave him to excel in every phase of his work as an artist and as a teacher. Also, the beautiful television journalist Rona Barrett is at the top of his list of celebrities whose great talent and strength empowered him to pursue his goals of passing on Hollywood’s make-uplegacy to many aspiring make-upartists.
1977 Rabid-special make-updesign for director David Cronenberg. Created all of the rubber and plastic appliances for use throughout the film. Created the mouth foaming power and the armpit creature and effect procedures. Taught on-set Make-up artist how to apply on camera effects using prosthetic and construction techniques.
1978 Shields and Yarnell Show, Olivia Newton John Show, and Hal Linden Special.
1980 John Ritter Show-created special old-age make-up: John Davidson Show -demonstrated rejuvenation make-up.
1981 Rona Barrett Looks at the Super Rich, NBC-TV: Michael Phillips Jeans commercial-created Frankenstein’s monster.
1982 Television-Inside and Out, NBC-TV: Leonardo daVinci-created full wigs and beards, Tropicana Orange Juice commercial, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes commercial-created Frankenstein’s monster; Albert Einstein... The Man Behind the Genius-created extensive full-face prosthetic appliances for Steven Polinsky who portrayed Albert Einstein, Association of Independent Make-upArtists and Hairstylists-elected president.
1983 Introduced JOE BLASCO COSMETICS to the professional market.
1984 American Medical Institute (AMI)-special make-updesign and consultation for medical tapes on burn victims.
1985 Pageant of the Masters, Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts—created special metallic base Make-up and body paints.
1986 Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Public Safety Films—special Make-up artist and consultant.
1987 Passion Play, Rolling Hills Covenant Church—Design of Make-up and special Make-up effects.
1990 STAT, ABC-TV—created realistic Make-up and special effects for producer Danny Arnold.
1991 Opened the JOE BLASCO Make-up CENTER EAST in Orlando, Florida.
1992 Relocated the JOE BLASCO COSMETICS Manufacturing Facility to Orlando, FL, into a state-of-the-art 18,000 sq. ft. facility; Greater Orlando Aviation Mass Casualty Exercise—Make-up design and consultant; Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue, Universal Studios, Florida—Make-up and prosthetic design, Make-up Supervisor; Celebrity Street Stars, Universal Studios Florida—Make-up and prosthetic design and consultant; Halloween Horror Nights, Universal Studios Florida—Make-up and prosthetic design, Make-up Supervisor (a project involving over 40 Make-up artists and nearly 200 monsters).
1993 Florida Premier, Florida Motion Picture and Television Association (F.M.P.T.A.)—Make-up and prosthetic consultant; Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue, Universal Studios Hollywood—Make-up and prosthetic design; Celebrity Street Stars, Universal Studios Hollywood—Make-up design and consultant; organized and executed a series of seminars in each of the major European motion picture and television studios. Hundreds of professionals throughout Europe watched Mr. Blasco demonstrate his “state-of-the-art” techniques for all phases of Make-up artistry from beauty Make-up to very sophisticated mechanical effects.
1994 Supervised the new association between Joe Blasco Cosmetics Company and the giant Mexican television network TELEVISA. Appeared on Entertainment Tonight’s featured weekend story about the Joe Blasco Make-up Center, Hollywood.
1995 Supervised the development of state-of-the-art distribution center and sales force for the Joe Blasco Cosmetics Company.
1996 Wrote, directed, and hosted 4 days and over 32 hours of Make-up seminars in Seoul, Korea dealing with all aspects of Make-up including detailed rubber prosthetic appliance application and hairwork. These informative and comprehensive seminars were attended by over 200 professional Make-up artists.

Star of a series of television and radio commercials for Joe Blasco Cosmetics in the country of Finland. Appeared on numerous television and radio talk shows worldwide. Directed and hosted special introductory video presentations on Make-up manufacturing, application, and history for Orlando Science Center in Orlando, Florida.

  • Signed multi-million dollar deal with a prominent cosmetics distributor. Funds from this successful venture have enabled Mr. Blasco to create his ideal Make-up Schools, Hollywood and Orlando.
  • Mr. Blasco began reorganizing, remodeling, and re-staffing the entire Hollywood Make-up Center facility on September 15, 1997.

Joe BlascoMr. Blasco created a 60 hour series of new professional tapes covering all phases of beauty Make-up. These tapes are intended as instructor training tapes. Mr. Blasco completed reorganization of the Hollywood School and expanded the facility to include two floors of state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories. Designed and applied special old age Make-up for United Paramount Network’s Malcomb and Eddie.

Reorganized, re-staffed, and expanded the manufacturing and marketing departments of the Joe Blasco Cosmetics Company. Created all of the special body Make-up used in the new Flintstones motion picture. Mr. Blasco added the following fine guest Make-up artists to his Hollywood faculty: David Langford, Bill Corso, Todd McIntosh, Gil Mosko, Matthew W. Mungle, Tom Savini, Christina Smith, Ronnie Specter, Trisha Sawyer and Larry Abbott. Many of these fine artists are Academy Award and Emmy Award winning professionals who are contracted to teach at the Joe Blasco Make-up Center. On February 13, 1998, Mr. Blasco appeared as a special guest on ABC-TV’s Good Morning America to critique the top domestic “long lasting” lip colors.

1999 Created all new packaging for cosmetics line. Created new Platinum Collection. Opened new Miami Beach Center. Expanded the Cosmetics Laboratory and staff. Established the new, expanded Distribution Center. Established the new Los Angeles Accounting and Customer Service Departments.
2000 Established the new Los Angeles Research and Development Laboratory. Created the new Cosmetics Compounding Laboratory and Special Compounding Seminar for students. Redesigned the Advanced Prosthetics program to include more detailed gelatin and encapsulated silicone processes. Signed multi million dollar contacts with new distributors in Finland, the Philippines and Korea. Took over direct distribution to all retail outlets throughout Europe. Signed a new distribution contract with "NORDSTROM" Department Stores. Created a traveling Make-up seminar in association with select Nordstrom Department Stores in the United States. Trained a massive new sales team. Signed a contract to be the official Make-up for the "Miami Dolphins", the "Miami heat", the "Miami Sol" and renewed the contract with the "San Diego Chargers… and much more!!!!!!
2004 Mr. Blasco received a distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award from USITT (United States Institute of Theatre Technology). The award in Make-up Artistry, Make-up Manufacturing, and for pioneering professional make-up training centers was the first of its kind ever bestowed by the prestigious organization.
2008 Mr. Blasco pioneered the Development of the first online make-up artist’s television network.

Mr. Blasco created special make-up effects for the popular television show “Mystery Diagnosis’.

Mr. Blasco created www.themakeupspace.com an online seminar site for all phases of Professional Make-up Artistry and www.megamakeupstore.com an online store for highest quality professional make-up and tools.
2014 Mr. Blasco established the new Joe Blasco Cosmetics Inc. company Headquarters in Palm Springs, California, the administrative headquarters for lay session applicants, trainees, trainers and make-up materials procedures masters training. Mr. Blasco also in 2014 established the MUA-TV studios Headquarters in Palm Springs. Mr. Blasco updated all materials procedures training sessions offered at both Joe Blasco Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Centers to meet the new requirements of expanded digital imaging and picturization and low light and no-light High Definition, Super High Definition and Ultra High Definition processes.

Mr Blasco profoundly recognizing the need for drastic, dramatic changes in make-up artistry materials procedures training, completely restructured and reinvented the training process to satisfy modern expanded digital imaging requirements, and in doing so once again made pioneering strides in changing the literal definition of make-up training.


From January 1st to March 1st, Mr. Blasco strategically ceased function of the previously existing and ineffective generically outside accredited Joe Blasco Make-up Artist Training Center West Inc., to begin a new era in make-up artistry materials procedures training through the newly formed Joe Blasco Cosmetics Inc. This new corporation structure offers a new and fully up-to-date approach to understanding professional make-up materials application procedures and the technical requirements which the make-up material application techniques satisfy.  Joe Blasco Cosmetics Inc. new training processes have re-evaluated and consummately updated all of today’s new expanded digital imaging, High Definition, Super High Definition, and Ultra High Definition photographic media formats .Beginning April 1st, 2014 all training offered through Joe Blasco Cosmetics Inc. shall surpass all past make-up artists materials procedures and technical make-up materials procedures training that was offered in the past as well as all analog training of make-up materials which were recently used in the profession.


Joe Blasco remains a consultant to many celebrities and continues to set higher standards in the cosmetics industry with his many new and unique products and cosmetics products procedures training centers. Mr. Blasco, aside from being listed in Who’s Who in Business, also appears in over 2 million web listings. His make-up artistry materials procedures training centers continue to dominate make-up materials training worldwide through the use of not only his most up-to-date  make-up material usage techniques, but also from the collaborative efforts and contributions of the most highly respected working veteran professional make-up artists personally selected by Mr. Blasco from Local 706 I.A.T.S.E Hollywood and Local 798 I.A.T.S.E New York, as well as from those of the most elite European Union and Independent Make-Up Artists worldwide.


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