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Leaves of Absence

A leave of absence may be granted if a trainee meets the following requirements: (i) the trainee has made a written request for a leave of absence; (ii) the leave of absence involves no additional charges for the trainee, (iii) the center has approved the leave of absence request in writing, and (iv) the leave of absence is no longer than 180 days. A trainee returning from a leave of absence must re-enter the training sequence at the point from which it was departed.  If a trainee fails to return from a leave of absence, the trainee will be dropped and the withdrawal date shall be the date the trainee agreed to return from the leave.  The last date of attendance will be used to calculate any refund and/or amount owed the center. An additional leave of absence may be granted for specific reasons.  Requests for additional leave must be submitted in writing and approved by the Director. Leaves will be granted for the following reasons, only:

  1. Death in the Family
  2. Military Duty
  3. Jury Duty
  4. Documented Extended Illness


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