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Satisfactory Training Progress Policy

1. Grading System

All trainees must meet minimum standards of training achievement and session completion while attending The Joe Blasco Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Centers. This policy applies to all trainees. The trainee’s progress will be evaluated at certain points to determine satisfactory training progress. Trainees who meet the minimum requirements for attendance and training progress shall be considered to be making satisfactory progress until the next scheduled evaluation. Trainees enrolled in the H.D Professional Journeyman Makeup Artistry Materials Procedures Training session  (journeyman pro-case kit)and the H.D Professional Masters I Key Makeup Artistry Materials Procedures Training  session( key pro-case kit) will receive an evaluation after their 5th week. Trainees in the H.D Professional Masters II Department Head Makeup Artistry Materials Procedures Training session (department head pro-case kit) will receive an evaluation after the 8th, 16th, and 24th week of the program.

1. Maximum Time Frame for completion

Trainees attending The Joe Blasco Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Centers must complete their training within certain time limits to be eligible for a Joe Blasco diploma.  The maximum time frame (MTF) to complete each diploma program is defined in terms of attempted clock hours.  A trainee may attempt up to 1.5 times the number of clock hours for normal completion of the session.  Trainees must also complete 67% of the clock hours scheduled for each evaluation period. 

The equation for calculating the MTF is: MTF = # clock hours in program x 1.5

2. Evaluation Points 

Each trainee will be evaluated at certain points in the academic program as follows based upon the maximum time frame for completing the program:

  Hours In Evaluation Period Minimum Hours Required
H.D Professional Commercial Beauty 60 41
Makeup Artistry Materials Procedures Training (commercial pro-case kit) (120 Hours) 120 81
H.D Professional Lab-Persons Prosthetic 80 54
Laboratory Materials Procedures Training (160 Hours) 160 108
H.D Professional Journeyman Makeup 240 161
Artistry Materials Procedures Training Journeyman pro-case kit (480 Hours) 480 322
H.D Professional Masters 1 Key Makeup 240 161
Artistry Materials Procedures Training 480 322
(key pro-case kit) 640 (640 Hours) 429  
H.D Professional Masters 2 Department Head 240 161
Makeup Artistry Materials Procedures Training (Department head pro-case kit) 480 322
(2184 hours) 640 429
  1000 670
  1400 938
  1740 1166
  2120 1420


3. Minimum Training Achievement.

Trainees whose Grade Point Average drops below 75% based upon written tests and performance in practical and demonstration experience and whose attendance drops below 67% for any of the above evaluation periods may be placed on probation until the next evaluation period.  Should a trainee increase their attendance above 67% at the next evaluation period, they will be taken off probation.

A leave of absence may extend the trainee’s contract period and maximum time frame by the same number of days in the leave of absence.  Additionally, trainees who are terminated for unsatisfactory progress must re-enter in a probationary status until the next regularly scheduled evaluation period.

4. Probation

Any trainee not making satisfactory progress will be placed on probation until the next evaluation period.  While on probation, the trainee is still considered to be making satisfactory progress. If the trainee has not re-established satisfactory status by the next evaluation period, financial plan eligibility will cease and he/she may be subject to withdrawal. Two consecutive probationary periods will result in dismissal from the center. The program director will inform the trainee by letter of her/his probation/suspension status and her/his dismissal from the center.  

5. Re-instatement

If a trainee demonstrates, after retaking sessions or practicing skills, that he/she is motivationally prepared to continue in the training session, they must wait a minimum of 60 days before reapplying for acceptance to the training center. Trainees who are reaccepted will be accepted as probationary trainees until they meet satisfactory training standards. Financial plan eligibility will be reinstated at the end of the next regularly scheduled evaluation period provided the trainee is meeting the minimum academic and attendance requirements of a 75% GPA and have completed 67% of the total clock hours and can complete the program within the maximum timeframe.

Session Repetitions

A trainee may repeat any session (or portion of a session) in which a grade has been earned, provided he or she pays for the original session. An exception will be made for a trainee who can document that poor performance in a session was the result of one of the following mitigating circumstances:
Death in the Family, Military Duty, Jury Duty, Documented Extended Illness

A trainee may repeat a session that he/she failed or did not complete; however, the trainee would be expected to complete the session within the maximum time frame.  The repeat grade will be used in calculating the grade point average.

6. Appeal Process

A trainee must submit an appeal, in the form of a letter along with any documentation to the Center Director or designee describing any undue hardship or mitigation circumstances which may have caused a failure to meet the satisfactory progress standards required. Mitigating circumstances are defined as and limited to death in the immediate family; hospitalization of the trainee; documented medical problems and other special circumstances such as work-related transfers, natural disasters, and family emergencies.  Mitigating circumstances are events outside of the trainee’s control and are unavoidable. Session incompletes, repetitions, and non-credit remedial sessions do not have any effect upon the Centers satisfactory progress standards.


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