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Les Nouvelles Esthétiques: Joe Blasco Graduates

Christopher Balian

Christopher Balian, 22, a native of Los Angeles, CA. realized he wanted to be a make-up professional when he was in high school. A former, “club kid.” Balian says that all his outfits needed were make-up. A self-taught make-up artist, he tried to learn all he could from friends and then decided to enroll at the Joe Blasco School of Make-up in Los Angeles, CA.

I designed this make-up, a little over a year ago, for a “dark” silent, short film. It consists of face, hair, and body make-up.

I began with the base (Joe Blasco alabaster and olive beige.) After I based and powdered my model, “Anna Rexia.” I began on the eyes. I used an angle brush for the hard lines, and then faded the shadow with a soft, rounded brush.

The colors I used were Electra and Crystal from MAC and Twilight from Stilla. Around the eyes, for the dark shadow, I used frost (the highlighted areas.) The eyelashes were the models’ own (fake.) The cheek color was just a generic pink, everyone has a color like this.For the lips, I used Ozone Lipstick, Clear Lipmix (gloss) and Frost Pure Pigment, all from MAC.

After I finished the face, my partner, Travis Pates helped me with the hair and the tattoo. The hair was done with a sharp, angle brush. The color was a carbon eye shadow again. We started at the top and drew lines downward, making it look like tiger stripes. The tattoo was done free hand, with two small angled brushes for detail work. We used Reel Vreations black tattoo ink and powdered the face and body with, “no color” powder.

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Michele Tyminski

Michele Tyminski took two years of cosmetology school during the last two years of high school. She then worked in a salon in Chicago for a few months before moving to California to attend Joe Blasco Make-up Center, West. Tyminsky finished the professional make-up course in mid December. Two days later she won a DreamWorks costume contest for the movie Galaxy Quest. Since graduation, Tyminsky has been working on several projects. Among many, one advantage of attending Joe Blasco Make-up Center, says Tyminsky, is the job placement program and its success.

The look I was going for with Nadege was clean and very fresh. Nadege has very healthy skin so it wasn’t necessary to prep her skin with witch hazel or moisturizer. I started off by mixing a small amount of deep ebony cream base with a honey cream base.

This was applied evenly with a wedge sponge over Nadege’s entire face. I then mixed some pastel-rose-cream, cheek color with her base and applied this to any discolored areas of her face, such as the under eyes, corners of the nose, etc. A golden olive color was then added to her base, for be used as a highlight color, to areas I wanted to bring forward. After each element was properly blended, I set the make-up with a ruddy dark skin powder.

Nadege has very beautiful eyes, so enhancing them wit color wasn’t very difficult. First, I brushed a matte cream shadow over her entire lid. Warm brown and taupe shadows were mixed together and I applied them to the contours of Nadege’s eyes. This was then blended thoroughly with a brush. When I was happy with the blending, a very small amount of pearl shadow was applied to the inner corner of her eyelid and browbone. I then lined her top lid very close to her lashline, with a black cake liner. This line needed to be softened, so I took some onyx shadow and brushed this over the previous eye line with a flat brush, until I had a soft, almost smoky look. Mascara was then applied to her lashes. Her eyebrows were filled in with a combination of warm brown and onyx shadows.

I used warm brown shadows under her cheekbones and chin line to add some contour. A light, dry, cheek color was brushed right above this contour line and blended with a powder puff. Finally, Nadege’s lips were lined with minx and filled with caramel lip color.

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Adrienne Houle

Adrienne Houle enrolled at the Joe Blasco Make-up Center in Hollywood in July 1999 to receive training in make-up artistry. She graduated as the valedictorian of her class and was awarded a full scholarship by Joe Blasco to attend the Advanced Prosthetics class. Upon completion, Houle worked as a lab assistant to Oscar-winning make-up artist, Mathew Mungle, She is currently working as a freelance make-up artist on independent films and television shows.

Have you ever wondered how they can make things look so real on TV and film? Hollywood makeup artists know the secrets to achieving the goriest of wounds and slashes. In the following, witness the transformation of a faked wound by Adrienne Houle.

  1. Silicon putty is applied to create a, “slash wound” across the model’s face.
  2. Blood color is thinned with 99 percent alcohol added to the edges of wound and black color is added to the inside of the wound.
  3. Thin layer of, “blood” applied to inside of the wound area.
  4. More, “blood” applied to inside of the wound area.
  5. Model’s face cleaned with 99 percent alcohol (leaving the silicone wound intact.) A thin wash of blood color is placed inside of the wound. Cotton thread, “stitches” are applied into the edges of wound area.
  6. Adrienne completing the application of the stitches.
  7. Stitches completed. Red and maroon colors are stippled around the, “trauma” area. A baby bottle nipple is inserted into the nostril and cotton wadding is stuffed in the mouth, behind the cheek, to create more swelling.
  8. Model’s face entirely cleaned. Lip liner is applied to create sub dermal coloring of scar area.
  9. Adhesive is applied over the colored scar area.
  10. Close-up shot of scarring on would area.

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