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Joe Blasco … a Modern Make-up Pioneer

The name Joe Blasco is rapidly becoming as well-known to the general public as it already is in the Make-up industry. Mr. Blasco is highly respected and world-famous for his work in the development of new and unique techniques for special Make-up effects. He is an innovator of the “bladder technique” utilized in films depicting horror/monster transformations showing bulging and bubbling skin effects. He is also recognized as an expert in the realm of cosmetics compounding, high-fashion beauty Make-up, and Make-up artistry education.

Born in a small suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Joe Blasco began his study of the art of Make-up at the early age of seven.

I was “fascinated” from the start, he says .“The minute I saw pictures of Jack Pierce applying the finishing touches to Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein’s Monster’s Make-up, I knew that was what I wanted to do.”

He was awarded a scholarship to cosmetology school, and after graduating in 1964 at the age of 18 he arrived in Hollywood to work for the Max Factor Cosmetics Company as a traveling Make-up artist representative. After receiving their training he discovered he was to be sent to Pittsburgh to represent the company in various department stores. Unhappy with the situation, he left the Factor Company with $50 in his pocket to pursue a career in Hollywood as a Make-up artist.

He worked six months as a telephone salesperson for the Time-Life Magazine Company, then went to work as a copy dispatcher and advertising trainee for the Los Angeles Times.

During his employment at the Times, he began apprenticing with several Make-up artists to perfect his existing and growing knowledge of the art of Make-up.

In 1967 he left the Los Angeles Times to take a job as an instructor with a small, obscure society Make-up school in Westwood, California. The school’s owner was very impressed with Blasco’s talent and permitted him to make major adjustments in the school’s curriculum and plans for the future. Recognizing the need for a course that taught motion picture and television Make-up artistry, Blasco created a new curriculum for the school.

The school, under Blasco’s direction, became the first to teach full-time courses in professional Make-up artistry. Blasco, however, found himself unhappy with restrictions placed on him at the school and soon left to continue pursuing his career in the motion picture and television industries. For three years, while working for various production companies, Blasco also apprenticed with major professional cosmetics manufacturing firms as a Cosmetics Chemist and compounder. As a Make-up artist working in film and television, he experienced first hand what made a cosmetic product ideal for use in these mediums.

His career progressed rapidly and he became well-known for his ability to create and apply any type of Make-up in any situation. Producers came to realize when they called upon Joe Blasco, they could rely on the fact that he could handle any Make-up problem no matter how demanding. Blasco worked at all the major television networks in Hollywood as his reputation for perfection grew. He became personal Make-up artist to scores of personalities including Bette Midler, Olivia Newton-John, Lauren Bacall,Carol Burnett, and the late Orson Welles. Today, Joe Blasco remains a consultant to many celebrities and to other Make-up artists who find themselves in need of his knowledge.

After working for three years as head Make-up artist for the Barney Miller Show, Blasco trained one of his contemporaries, Holly Bane, to assume his position as Make-up department head. During his training process he remembered his teaching days at the old Make-up school and decided in 1976 to create the Joe Blasco Make-up Center.

The first class began July 19, 1976 and the school was incorporated in January 1977. Because of his reputation in the industry, students flocked to Hollywood from around the world to attend classes taught by him, as well as by teachers instructed in Blasco’s exclusive techniques. The center rapidly became known as the finest school in the world for learning all aspects of Make-up artistry. The Joe Blasco Makeup Schools, Professional Makeup Artist Training today is the world’s largest and most highly-respected school for professional Make-up artistry, often imitated but never equaled.

Blasco constantly wished to explore and utilize all areas of his expertise. He conquered the motion picture and television industries as a professional Make-up artist and he created a School that became recognized around the world. He then set out to create a cosmetics firm that would manufacture products to satisfy all facets of Make-up application.

From 1979 to 1983 Blasco worked in his own rapidly-growing cosmetics laboratory to perfect formulations and create new colors that would soon set the standard for the industry. In 1983 the Joe Blasco products were introduced to the professional market in Hollywood. Because of his reputation, these sensational new formulations became an “overnight” success, as hundreds of Make-up artists quickly began to purchase the products. Today, Joe Blasco Cosmetics has retail outlets all over the world. The cosmetics line is continually updated and improved to ensure its users the perfect results they have become accustomed to achieving.

In 1991 after having created a Make-up artistry empire in Hollywood, he opened the Joe Blasco Make-up Center East in Orlando, Florida. Students from all parts of the world travel to these two state-of-the-art Make-up centers.

Keeping to himself and often going unrecognized for his achievements, Joe Blasco has single-handedly paved the way to success for thousands of aspiring Make-up artists. In 30 years Joe Blasco has achieved much in his chosen field. First he had a long and very successful career as a journeyman Make-up artist in the film and television industries. He is known for his ability in applying all forms of Make-up artistry. He has designed the faces of some of the most beautiful women in motion pictures and television, and has also created innovations in the realm of horror and monster characterization. He invented and perfected the concept of today’s modern Make-up school. He created a cosmetics company which encompassed and expanded beyond the scope of other cosmetics companies which preceded it, and modernized cosmetic formulations to satisfy today’s new and demanding requirements. Like the Max Factor Company, Joe Blasco’s color formulations, container styles, and other innovative ideas and advances have obviously been followed by many other companies. There are Make-up artists who have started their own cosmetics companies; others have become known for pioneering special Make-up effects; some are known for their trend-setting beauty Make-ups, others have become known for their mastery of all phases of Make-up application; many other Make-up artists have started schools after Blasco; but there is only one Make-up artist who has been successful in all of these areas … Joe Blasco. Now, through his cosmetics and his schools, he continues to share his knowledge with all who wish to learn.

The name Joe Blasco, the Joe Blasco Make-up Training Centers and the Joe Blasco Cosmetics Company have become synonymous with the highest goals achievable in the field of cosmetic art and science.

Joe Blasco now welcomes you to share his experience through the use of his state-of-the-art techniques and professional cosmetics.

Joe Blasco … Leading the Art of Make-up into the Next Millennium™