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Joe Blasco Make-up Techniques

Tips & Techniques by Joe Blasco

Editor’s note:

Makeup artistry styles can be as different as apples and oranges. Learning different techniques and uses of color will make you more versatile, allowing you to see a final result in a variety of ways, with one common result: beauty. The following pictorial was provided by Joe Blasco, who encourages you to take example from his makeup application tip and techniques.


To choose the proper foundation, you must determine the undertone and value of the client’s skin. Undertone is the intrinsic color found within the skin. Value is the lightness or darkness of the kin. The base should realistically match the undertone, which can be divided into two categories: Olive and ruddy.


Like this model, most people have an olive undertone. Blasco has blended three shades of olive base – light, medium and dark – to match the skin. The mixture was applied in a thin, even layer with a sponge, using a light, spreading/patting motion. On areas that required more coverage, the patting technique was used to deposit a greater concentration of pigment.


Blasco used a grey-brown shading medium to mimic naturally occurring shadows. It was applied under the cheekbone to define and enhance it. To thin and define the nose, shading was placed from the beginning of the eyebrow along the upper sides of nose and around the nose tip. A sponge was used to blend and soften the shading after application.