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Attention Amazon Users

If you are ordering Joe Blasco products on Amazon, please be advised that the foundations sold in white containers may be extremely old and/or counterfeit product.

All of our current, authentic foundations are sold only in black compacts. We cannot be responsible for any products purchased on Amazon unless they are purchased exclusively from the official Joe Blasco Amazon site.

However even when purchasing Joe Blasco products on our official Amazon site it is next to impossible to properly select a foundation color because our skin matching chart is not shown on the Amazon site.

Click here to utilize our base color foundation matching chart which will enable you to choose the appropriate color foundation much more accurately.
Watch the videos carefully which explain how to use the chart to better enable you to select a foundation.

An alternative to using the chart is to simply take a good close-up picture of yourself in good lighting and send it directly to our artistic and technical consultants at: jbc65@icloud.com.

Mr. Blasco also personally monitors these emails and works closely with the sales consultants to assist in your color selection. On occasion you may actually receive a letter directly from Mr. Blasco personally!

Enjoy your experience and learn to understand why Joe Blasco Cosmetics has been “Hollywood’s Glamour Secret“ for over 45 years!

No other professional product can provide you with the highly pigmented, long lasting coverage and perfection as does the Joe Blasco “Ultrabase”!

Ultrabase is the number one choice of knowledgeable and discerning makeup artists, celebrities, and motion picture and television stars.

Welcome to our most exclusive club of Hollywood’s most handsome men and fantastically glamorous women!

Classic Glamour is … Joe Blasco!

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