Joe Blasco Blush


Joe Blasco Blush

Joe Blasco Wet / Dry Powder Cheek Colors

The uniqueness of this product’s ability to be applied either wet or dry, it may also be useful for certain character make- up techniques. These highly-pigmented cheek colors may be mixed to produce custom colors.

These advanced, highly pigmented cheek colors enhance cheekbones by achieving just the right touch of color for radiantly sexy results without streaking or discoloring. Dry Blush may be applied either wet or dry. Cream Blush is ideal for dry, sensitive, and/or mature skin.

General Usage:

There are four distinct methods of application:

Method 1. Apply directly to the area in need of dry cheek color with a dry blush. (Preferred method.)

Method 2. Wet the cake cheek color by adding a few drops of water to the surface of the pressed powder. Then create slurry by mixing in a circular motion with an appropriately sized sponge or brush suitable for the area to which the cheek color is being applied.

Method 3. Scrape the dry cheek color from its container onto palette with a metal spatula, add a few drops of water, and mix to slurry prior to application and blending. For sanitary purposes, some artists choose to scrape the dry cheek color onto the palette and then lift the dry particles from the palette with a dry cheek color brush for application.

Method 4. Wet / Dry Cheek Colors may be applied dry to the powdered base and the either passed through with a damp brush or stippled with a moist sponge to create a translucent natural look.

Joe Blasco Cream Blush

Joe Blasco Dry Blush

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