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Joe Blasco Corrective / ProTouch™

DEFINE: used to alter the light reflection from the skin’s surface to create the illusion of re-contouring, Joe Blasco cream shading and highlighting products have been an industry favorite for decades.

SHADING: used to further accentuate highlights and re-contour the appearance of the bone structure. Shading also minimizes the appearance of unwanted areas by absorbing light.

HIGHLIGHT: used to produce a youthful radiance when applied to depressed surfaces, such as where smile lines occur, giving the illusion of a smooth, even surface. Highlighting is also used to accentuate areas such as the cheekbones, the under-brow bone, and the temples. The Special Yellow and Orange Highlights are available in cream, pressed powder, and stick forms. A variety of highlights are available for equalizing different colors: Special Yellow to conceal redness, Orange, X-tra Light, and Darkskin to conceal blueness, and Pink to conceal brown or gray-brown discolorations and shadows.

PROTOUCH HIGHLIGHTS are highlight products in powder form that may be used wet or dry for touch-ups.

CORRECTOR STICKS are highlight products in stick form that are perfect for travel.

Joe Blasco Corrective Highlight and Shading

Joe Blasco Corrective ProTouch™ Highlight

Joe Blasco Corrective Corrector Stick

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