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Optional / Elective Makeup Training

Optional / Elective Makeup Training Seminars

I. Kabuki and Geisha Girl Makeup

  • Get to know KABUKI and GEISHA
  • What is HABITAI and how do you use HABITAI
  • Demonstration on the traditional Japanese KABUKI make-up
  • Practice Kabuki Make-up on each other


II. AirBrush 1 Basic Make-up

  • How to use airbrush/ air gun maintenance
  • Basic color and mixing color
  • Low PSI, High PSI/troubleshooting
  • Applying Color


III. AirBrush 2 Basic Make-up

  • Beauty bases
  • Highlight and shadow
  • Cheek color
  • Shimmer


IV. AirBrush 3 Body Make-up

  • How to apply color to various areas
  • Mixing Oil base, water bases and powder
  • Tanning
  • Tattoo Cover


V. Fantasy Make-up

  • Creating line with oil base
  • Blending with powder shadows
  • Using stencil
  • Applying 3D material


VI.Clown Make-up

  • Difference types of white base
  • Whiteface clown pierrot
  • Rodeo clown
  • Design your clown


VII. High Fashion Runway Make-up

  • Checkout this season runway
  • Copy from one of the high fashion designers make-up
  • Fake lashes/feathers
  • Creating your HI-fashion make-up


VIII. Bridal Make-up

  • Bridal make-up consultation
  • Long lasting bases
  • Waterproof eye shadow
  • Make-up for shoulders, back and arms


IX. Glamour Make-up

  • Contouring features
  • Adjusting the eye shape
  • Creating even tone
  • Study on the application of applying new make-up trends


X. Metallic Make-up

  • What you must do before using metallic make-up
  • Learn color changes of metallic make-up when applied to skin
  • Metallic body paint
  • Learn the application of metallic eye shadow


XI. Period Make-up 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s

  • Study about different periods of make-up
  • Historical women of these time periods
  • Learn Specific make-up for the arched eyebrow
  • Learn pancake make-up


XII. Theater Character

  • Oil base color for theater make-up
  • Study about characters
  • Mixing oil color with powder shadow
  • 3D looks without prosthetic


XIII. Music Video makeup

  • Oil base for strong light
  • Dark smoky eye shadow
  • Highlight and shadow
  • Different types of music (punk, goth, rave, hiphop, etc…)


XIV. Making Hair Pieces

  • How to make base
  • Creating horns, antlers, and ears with hair
  • Using braiding techniques for prop application
  • Using clips and pinning for prop application