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Prosthetic Makeup Training

Prosthetic Makeup Training – Film and Television

HD Professional Lab – Persons Prosthetics Laboratory Materials Procedures

(M-F 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. – 4 weeks)
160 Clock Hours

The four-week H.D Professional Lab Person Prosthetic Laboratory Materials Procedures session provides training  in the skills of make-up materials application procedures necessary to work in a prosthetics laboratory, to work independently, or to work in a special make-up effects laboratory environment for film and television. The program is offered by means of lectures and hands-on labs. Session rooms and labs are designed to duplicate the actual environment of major film and television studio make-up departments.

Basics to H.D Professional Lab- Persons Prosthetic Laboratory Materials Procedures for Motion Pictures and Television.

I. Sanitation, Hygiene, Product Knowledge, safety Procedures, Materials Discussion

  • Formulas for sanitizing; chemical solutions for brush cleaners; Joe Blasco ozokleen brush cleaner; Quaternary Ammonium Compounds and bleach solution


II. Anatomy of face and body

III. Prosthetic Design

  • Rendering and mechanical effects
  • Psychological Preparation of the subject for facial impression


IV. Sculpturing Techniques

  • Advanced sculpturing techniques on the positive cast
  • Sculpturing on isolated piece casts


V. Positive and Negative Molds

  • Construction of a complete  ¾ face  impression
  • Finishing and refining positive cast surface
  • Duplicator casts from positive molds.
  • Negative molds of a sculpture
  • Techniques of cleaning clay from negative and positive casts


VI. Foaming Techniques

  • Familiarization with foam latex compound
  • Preparation of cast for foaming
  • Introducing foam rubber into molds
  • Mold and foam curing
  • Techniques to strip appliance from a mold


VII. Coloring Techniques

  • Intrinsic color techniques
  • Extrinsic color techniques


VII. Application of Prosthetic Pieces

  • Preparation of client for application
  • Application and removal of  appliance
  • Coloring


IX. Bladder Effects

  • Creation of bladder and tubing for swelling and blood effects


X. Final Testing and session completion

H.D Professional Lab­-Persons Prosthetic Laboratory Materials Procedures normally required Hours:

Product knowledge, safety, sanitation, hygiene, kit inventory 16 Clock Hours
Life casting, anatomy of faces and designs 24 Clock Hours
Sculpting Techniques 40 Clock Hours
Positive and negative molds 16 Clock Hours
Foaming Techniques 16 Clock Hours
Coloring Techniques 16 Clock Hours
Demo of Silicone, Gelatin, Bladder 24 Clock Hours
Final testing and Session completion 8 Clock Hours


H.D Professional Lab-Persons Prosthetic Laboratory Materials Procedures Training session description:

1.  Advanced Prosthetic Make-up (160 Clock Hours)
This session encompasses the following areas of advanced prosthetics for film, television, and effects laboratory work: Prosthetic Design Rendering; Advanced Sculpturing Techniques; Construction of Positive and Negative Molds; Foaming Techniques; Intrinsic and Extrinsic Coloring Techniques; and Application of Prosthetic Pieces.

Trainees will be graded based upon their individual weekly progress. Grades will also be issued for homework. A comprehensive final exam will be given in order to determine the extent a trainee has retained the information throughout the course.

Text Books: “The Professional Makeup Artist” Vol. 3 by Joe Blasco and Vincent J-R Kehoe
Joe Blasco Advanced Prosthetics Safety Manual