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Clean Beauty Brunette

The following photos are taken from the encyclopedic textbook “The Professional Makeup Artist” written by Joe Blasco and Vincent JR Kehoe. This sensational three-volume book has become the globally definitive written work on the art of professional makeup, and is used throughout all training sessions.

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Model without make-up.
A preliminary light shade of base is applied.
The preliminary light foundation is blended.
The highlighting and shading pattern prior to blending.
Shadows and highlights can be both applied and blended using either sponges or brushes.
The shading is further blended with a foam latex sponge.
It is important that powder be applied to the tip of the puff.
Once No-Color powder has been applied over all the face and neck, the eyebrows are cleaned with a damp sponge applicator.
The same cleaning process is used to clean the lips free of foundation base and powder.
The application of lip color with a lip color brush.
Lips are blotted with tissue.
The tissue is removed, revealing the matte finish result of proper blotting.
Eyebrows are sketched and designed using Ultamatte and a fine-tip Ultamatte brush.
Mascara application the upper lashes.
Mascara application to the lower lashes.
Lashes are separated using a separator tool.
Dry cheek color application.
The excess tissue under the lower jaw is shaded.
The underside of the lower jaw may also be edged very carefully using the Chinese brush with dry-applied shading powder.
Additional accent shading can also be applied to the deepest area of the shadow under the cheekbone (dry-applied shading powder).
Here Mr. Blasco chooses to also use a wide Kolinski sable blending brush to further blend the lower edges of the shadow under the cheek.
The same wide blending brush can be stroked broadly throughout the shadow to further blend and subdue its effect.
A small amount of lip-gloss is applied to the center of the lower lip.
Lip-gloss may also be lightly applied to the eyebrows to impart a healthy shine to the natural eyebrow hair.
A dampened dye brush may be gently used to remove any excess powder or base from the hairline.
A dampened dye brush may also be very effective in removing make-up and powder from lanugo hair.
A chisel-sharpened artist’s pencil (ebony pencil) can be used to create additional tiny simulated eyebrow hairs.
The finished clean beauty make-up by Joe Blasco.