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Glamor Make-up Blonde

The following photos are taken from the encyclopedic textbook “The Professional Makeup Artist” written by Joe Blasco and Vincent JR Kehoe. This sensational three-volume book has become the globally definitive written work on the art of professional makeup, and is used throughout all training sessions.

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The model without make-up.
Base application followed by unblended highlighting and shading.
Once the highlighting (countershading) and shading have been blended. No-Color powder is lightly applied.
The outer edge of the eyeliner can be sharpened using a pointed round brush and Ultamatte eye shadow.
The same shadow and pointed round brush can also be used to fill in sparse areas of the brow.
The following three photographs depict the eye in various positions so that the reader can understand the placement of eye shadow, eyeliner, brow make-up, and artificial lashes.
With the eye closed, the lash base strip is slightly detectable but dulled through the use of wet-applied cake eyeliner.
This photograph shows the strength of the highlight beneath the brow arch and should indicate to the artist the application of halation to this region of the eye must be done very delicately ao as not to over-highlight the area.
Occasionally it may be appropriate for the artist to deepen small moles, as they are considered by some to be marks of beauty, better known as “beauty marks”.
The finished, rather dramatic glamour style make-up.
Mr Blaco with model.
The model before make-up application.