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East Indian

Glamor Make-up East Indian

The following photos are taken from the encyclopedic textbook “The Professional Makeup Artist” written by Joe Blasco and Vincent JR Kehoe. This sensational three-volume book has become the globally definitive written work on the art of professional makeup, and is used throughout all training sessions.

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The model is wearing a natural clean beauty make-up, which is about to be changed into a glamour make-up. This next series of photographs clearly illustrates the simplicity and ease with which the artist can add drama to a natural make-up.
The first step (not shown) is the accentaution of highlights under the eyes, between the eyebrows, and at the chin’s upper curvature. Then the lips are lined with pencil.
The application of a more vivid lip color.
A more accentuated glamorous look without iridescence.
To bring the make-up to another level, iridescence is added to the uppper eyelid.
The irridescence color is applied with a damp brush, which permits it to go on very smoothly and not drop particles into the eyelashes or onto the face.
The eyelashes are tipped with additional mascara from a sable brush.
The completed “accentuated” yet soft (natural) glamour make-up applied by Joe Blasco.
The model before glamour make-up application.