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High Fashion Make-up Asian Dramatic

The following photos are taken from the encyclopedic textbook “The Professional Makeup Artist” written by Joe Blasco and Vincent JR Kehoe. This sensational three-volume book has become the globally definitive written work on the art of professional makeup, and is used throughout all training sessions.

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Sometimes there is a fine line between fashion make-up and fantasy beauty make-up application. Here Mr. Blasco applies freehand an exotic fashion/fantasy eye design.
The results of allowing the top design line to remain hard at its upper outermost edge while its bottom edge has been blended down into the blue eye color.
Here Mr. Blasco is shown extending and refining the outermost eye design liner point.
The inermost portion of the eyelash after it has been cut short.
As an alternative to liquid latex or cream liquid latex eyelash adhesive, the extra strength Joe Blasco matte adhesive can be used quite successfully for long-term attachement of artificial eyelashes.
The eyelash attached with the use of flat blunt-end angled tweezers.
The same tweezers work extremely well assiting in lash attachement at the eye’s innermost corner.
Here the same tweezers are seen attaching the lower artificial eyelashes.
A clear depiction of the blending of hard and soft edges of the liner/color design, as well as the acurate placement of upper and lower artificial lashes.
During fashion/fantasy make-up application, the eyebrow can be extended further than one would do when executing a natural clean beauty make-up.
Lip color must also be more dramatic for fashion/fantasy make-ups. Here Mr. Blasco applies the lip color edging using a filbert-end flat Kolinski sable brush.
Mr. Blasco uses the brush in a manner where its flat-edged point defines the lower lip line.
As an example of other techniques which can be used for lip color application, Mr. Blasco shows the precision available through the use of a round Chinese paint brush.
The results of the lip line’s completion with the pointed Chinese brush. Here the lip color is shown priot to blotting with tissue.
Mr. Blasco applies the liner with the Chinese brush while observing the entire application with the use of lightweight magnifying glasses.