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General Private Center Information

We are an exclusive, selective, and private professional make-up materials procedures technique training center solely owned and fully operated by the iconic Hollywood make-up artist Joe Blasco.

Mr. Blasco does not participate with any form of  outside private or governmental accreditation systems, procedures and/or processes that are developed, operated, and /or overseen by individuals who are not seasoned veteran professional make-up artists. Mr. Blasco’s 55 years’ experience as a professional make-up artist,  as a pioneer of make-up education, as an innovator of special make-up effects, as an author of make-up textbooks, and as a cosmetics chemist and manufacturer, all offer profound foundation and credibility both artistically and technically surpassing  all outside accreditation systems which govern over common cosmetology and make-up schools. In other words, Mr. Blasco’s esteemed position as a consummate veteran Hollywood make-up artist, alone offers his training format all and more of the artistic and technical credibility needed. We are not a mill which simply may use and /or desires any form of non-professional make-up artistry based generic academic accreditation and/or government funding programs as a means to fill it’s sessions without, in most cases, serious consideration of the trainee’s talent, and/or of their acumen for becoming a professional within this very detailed, technical, demanding and artistic field of endeavor. The only funding that Mr. Blasco may consider for possible acceptance is Sallie Mae, Vocational Rehabilitation, private grants and private  student loans offered only to deserving individuals, and possibly the funding offered by the Veterans Association. Our trainees must be talented and rightfully well suited to enter the profession. This judgment is reserved only for Mr. Blasco.  He will personally test their ability prior to acceptance into sessions. Only Mr. Blasco will determine who will qualify to enter HIS make-up artistry materials training sessions, and not an outside agency with no concept of what professional make-up artistry material procedures training requires and encompasses. All prospective attendees are interviewed, evaluated and/or tested by Mr. Blasco personally. If a perspective attendee/trainee currently and temporarily is unable to financially qualify to attend our make-up artistry materials training sessions, Mr. Blasco highly recommends that in place of considering alternative instruction at other less qualified facilities that they simply delay their attendance and save their money until such time when they can attend our finest training sessions. Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Technique is vastly different from establishment to establishment, and no other facility has Joe Blasco’s highest quality and in depth and serious “Real World” approach. One must never sacrifice great training for inferior training at lower cost. Remember this is your life and your future!

Mr. Blasco will never discourage an applicant who possesses great desire and apparent inherent talent to master the professional requirements of working both technically and artistically with make-up artistry materials and tools. Special arrangements for uniquely scheduled private sessions and seminars can be specially designed to accommodate the personal time frame and financial needs of individuals whom may have difficulty following our normally required course of training and payment. In special circumstances Mr. Blasco may allow tested, gifted applicants to attend special sessions assigned by Mr. Blasco and/or the Center’s director free of charge while they are in a transitionary period of waiting for their actual material training sessions to begin and/or during the time they are making payments toward their future sessions, and/or saving session fee money prior to starting the sessions. Joe Blasco Cosmetics Inc. may offer specialized seminars and training sessions which are conducted free of charge and the only cost of attendance is the cost of materials and tools needed to successfully complete the session. This may be done when the trainee wishes to become an independent sales representative for Joe Blasco Cosmetics Inc. Special seminars and sessions are subject to customized scheduling and change dependent on industry needs, on the requirements of the specific trainees  in attendance , and of Joe Blasco Cosmetics Inc. Sales representative and special make-up need trainees of Joe Blasco Cosmetics, Inc. may also participate in specific and regularly scheduled sessions as required to satisfy the nature of their sales and special training requirements and as dictated by Mr. Blasco after his having thoroughly interviewed them personally and approved them for acceptance. Remember we are a private company that can bend and flex to better accommodate our desirable applicant’s needs. On occasion Mr. Blasco may grant special admittance free of cost simply to further nurture the talent, artistic capabilities, and technical knowledge of individuals who display aptitude for greatness in the field, but who may require special scheduling and/or financial considerations. Only Mr. Blasco, through his experience and iconic stature in the profession can make these life changing decisions to help and continuously inspire those who truly deserve a chance to excel, but who are not fully able to meet and/or to fulfil our normal and customary training rules, regulations and requirements. Special interviewing and practical testing procedures have been developed by Mr. Blasco specifically for determining the qualifications of trainees and for the implementation of any and all special seminars, workshops, as well as any compensatory action and/or aid.

2. Facility History

Originally a California Corporation, Joe Blasco Make-up Center, Inc. dba Joe Blasco Make-up Training Center, Joe Blasco Make-up Center West, Joe Blasco Enterprises, and as Joe Blasco Cosmetics Company   was established January 14, 1977 and is located at 1670 Hillhurst Ave, Hollywood, Ca 90027. Joe Blasco Make-up Center East, Inc. in Orlando Florida dba Joe Blasco Make-up Artist Training Center, Joe Blasco enterprises, and as Joe Blasco Cosmetics, Company is also owned, operated, and governed by Joe Blasco an individual and the sole stockholder. The Florida Corporation was established January 1, 1992 and is located at 5422 Carrier Drive, Suite 304, Orlando, Florida. Joe Blasco, a professional film and television procedures make-up artist, is the founding President and sole stockholder. Both Make-Up Artistry Materials Training Centers are owned solely by Joe Blasco an individual.

The advent of modern expanded digital imaging process requirements has changed the course of our history by seriously demanding that all materials procedures training be fully updated to meet modern standards and to leave the now defunct film and analog television processes far behind. This begins a new history not only of our make-up artistry materials procedures training but also of the entire corporate structure of the company which is now a department of Joe Blasco Cosmetics Inc., a California corporation newly born/ Incorporated on February 11, 2014. This marks the beginning of a new training process and cosmetic procedure unique only to the Joe Blasco Cosmetics Inc. Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Centers. Mr. Blasco has now pioneered an entirely new method of training that will once again set the standards and level the playing field for make-up/cosmetics training worldwide.

2B. Owner History

It is extremely important to fully know the professional credibility and history of the founder/owner of this Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Center. The name Joe Blasco, which has become as well-known to the general public as it already is in the make-up industry, is synonymous with glamorous celebrity make-up, high quality cosmetics products and cutting- edge and uniquely offered make-up artistry materials procedures training .Born in a small town in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Joe Blasco began his study of the art of make-up at the early age of seven. He was awarded scholarship to cosmetology school, and after graduating he arrived in Hollywood to work for The Max Factor Cosmetics Company as a traveling make-up artist representative. After receiving their training, he discovered he was to be sent to Pittsburgh to represent the company in various department stores. Unhappy with the situation, he left the Factor Company with $50 in his pocket to pursue a career in Hollywood as a make-up artist and teacher.

Mr. Blasco began training make-up artists in 1964 at the Maison Felix School in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and in 1967 he took a job as an instructor with a small, obscure society make-up salon in Westwood, California. Recognizing the need for a course that taught motion picture and television make-up artistry, Blasco created a new curriculum for the salon, and pioneered the world’s First Professional Make-Up Artist Training Center. Under Blasco’s direction, the facility became the first state approved center to teach full-time courses. For three years, while working for various production companies, Blasco also apprenticed with major professional cosmetic manufacturing firms as a cosmetic chemist and compounder. As a make-up artist working in film and television, he experienced firsthand what made a cosmetic product ideal for use in these mediums.

His career progressed rapidly. Blasco worked at all the major television networks and film studios in Hollywood as his reputation grew. He became renowned for his work in the development of new and unique techniques for special make-up effects, especially as an innovator of the “bladder-technique” utilized in films depicting horror/monster transformations showing bulging and bubbling skin effects.  He became personal make-up artist to scores of personalities including Rona Barrett, Bette Midler, Olivia Newton-John, Lauren Bacall, Carol Burnett, Donnie and Marie Osmond, Dick Clark, Hal Linden, Carmen Zapata, Dorothy Lamour, Wayne Newton, Monte Hall, Charo, Regis Philbin, Ann Miller and, the late Orson Wells, and scores of other too numerous to mention.

Then in 1976, Mr. Blasco opened the doors of the first of two new Make-up Artist Training Centers, which have since received international acclaim. In 1984, Blasco introduced his cosmetics line to professionals in Hollywood. Today, Joe Blasco Cosmetics can be found in fine retail outlets worldwide and is the keystone of our make-up training process.

In 2004, Mr. Blasco received a distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award from USITT (United States Institute of Theatre Technology). The award in Make-up Artistry, Make-up Manufacturing, and for pioneering professional make-up training centers was the first of its kind ever bestowed by the prestigious organization.

In 2008, Mr. Blasco pioneered the Development of the first online make-up artist’s television network.

From 2009 and 2010 Mr. Blasco created special make-up effects for the popular television show
“Mystery Diagnosis’.

From 2010 through 2013 Mr. Blasco created an online seminar site for all phases of Professional Make-up Artistry and an online store for highest quality professional make-up and tools.

In 2014 Mr. Blasco established the new Joe Blasco Cosmetics Inc. company Headquarters in Palm Springs, California, the administrative headquarters for lay session applicants, trainees, trainers and make-up materials procedures masters training. Mr. Blasco also in 2014 established the MUA-TV studios Headquarters in Palm Springs. Mr. Blasco updated all materials procedures training sessions offered at both Joe Blasco Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Centers to meet the new requirements of expanded digital imaging and picturization and low light and no-light High Definition, Super High Definition and Ultra High Definition processes.

In 2014, Mr Blasco profoundly recognizing the need for drastic, dramatic changes in make-up artistry materials procedures training, completely restructured and reinvented the training process to satisfy modern expanded digital imaging requirements, and in doing so once again made pioneering strides in changing the literal definition of make-up training.

In 2014, From January 1st to March 1st, Mr. Blasco strategically ceased function of the previously existing and ineffective generically outside accredited Joe Blasco Make-up Artist Training Center West Inc., to begin a new era in make-up artistry materials procedures training through the newly formed Joe Blasco Cosmetics Inc. This new corporation structure offers a new and fully up-to-date approach to understanding professional make-up materials application procedures and the technical requirements which the make-up material application techniques satisfy.  Joe Blasco Cosmetics Inc. new training processes have re-evaluated and consummately updated all of today’s new expanded digital imaging, High Definition, Super High Definition, and Ultra High Definition photographic media formats .Beginning April 1st, 2014 all training offered through Joe Blasco Cosmetics Inc. shall surpass all past make-up artists materials procedures and technical make-up materials procedures training that was offered in the past as well as all analog training of make-up materials which were recently used in the profession.

Joe Blasco remains a consultant to many celebrities and continues to set higher standards in the cosmetics industry with his many new and unique products and cosmetics products procedures training centers. Mr. Blasco, aside from being listed in Who’s Who in Business, also appears in over 2 million web listings. His make-up artistry materials procedures training centers continue to dominate make-up materials training worldwide through the use of not only his most up-to-date  make-up material usage techniques, but also from the collaborative efforts and contributions of the most highly respected working veteran professional make-up artists personally selected by Mr. Blasco from Local 706 I.A.T.S.E Hollywood and Local 798 I.A.T.S.E New York, as well as from those of the most elite European Union and Independent Make-Up Artists worldwide.

3. Sessions Offered

Joe Blasco Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Centers are independent, private  make-up materials training centers specializing in applied professional make-up artistry materials procedures training.  The centers offer sessions in specialized areas designed to help the trainee master the skills commonly utilized in film and television, salon, still photography studio, theater, or other related applied make-up material fields.  The Joe Blasco Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Centers focus on practical, make-up artistry materials oriented training.

4. Mission Pledge and Professional Philosophy

The goal of the Joe Blasco Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Centers is to provide specialized training in the use of make-up materials procedures, the trainee understanding of the materials that enables trainees to obtain entry-level and beyond entry-level employment. Joe Blasco Make-up Artistry Materials Training Centers are committed to encouraging the intellectual pursuits of trainees in a variety of make-up artistry businesses and technical make-up artistry materials application fields. The Centers strive to maintain the flexibility necessary to meet the needs of a diverse population and of the varying make-up materials training requirements prompted by the changes in the industry it serves. The Centers recognize the need to encourage creative activities and community involvement commensurate with the Centers resources, liabilities, and abilities. The Center’s main mission pledge is to provide quality make-up artistry materials training which enables our session completed trainees to secure a presence in the Beauty, Professional and Prosthetic fields of the makeup industry.

5. Objectives

The objectives of the Joe Blasco Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Center and all of its sessions are:

  1. To prepare trainees with occupational skills necessary to qualify them for the mastery of make-up artistry materials procedures into their chosen fields within the scope of professional make-up artistry and in the sales and marketing of the cosmetics products both professionally and commercially.
  2. To encourage the intellectual pursuits and the personal development needed to meet the demands of society and of the professional industry.
  3. To provide an administrative staff which possess the technical expertise and facility to instill the highest level of professional make-up artistry materials procedures performance behavior.
  4. To provide the necessary modern facilities, equipment and resources, to enhance a productive training session experience.
  5. To provide a real world professional industry atmosphere that will advance the growth of mature and professional attitudes, and to increase the artistic and technical understanding of make-up artistry materials application procedures and their sales and marketing capabilities.

Joe Blasco Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Centers pledge to provide equal access to training regardless of sex, sexual choice, assignment, orientation and/or diversity, race, religion, age, color, ethnic origin, national origin, or physical handicap. The administration of the Centers adheres to Federal and State laws controlling equal access/equal opportunity. This pledge covers acceptance, marketing, payment planning, session offerings, counseling, advising, and career assistance. The staff, administration, or trainers of the Joe Blasco Makeup Artistry Materials Training Centers will not attempt to recruit trainees already attending or admitted to an institution teaching professional make-up artistry.

6. Legal Ownership/Governing Body

Joe Blasco Cosmetics, Inc. dba Joe Blasco Make-up Center East and as Joe Blasco Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Center, Joe Blasco Enterprise, and as Joe Blasco Cosmetics is a privately held corporation formed under the laws of the State of Florida. The Center’s governing board is the Board of Directors, located at 1670 Hillhurst Ave, Hollywood, California, 90027. The telephone number is (323) 467-4949. Joe Blasco is the chief executive officer, executive corporate director, and chief financial officer.

Joe Blasco Cosmetics, Inc. dba Joe Blasco Make-Up Center, and Joe Blasco Make-Up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Center, Joe Blasco Enterprise, and Joe Blasco Cosmetic is a privately held corporation formed under the laws of the State of California. The Center’s governing board is the Board of Directors, located at 1670 Hillhurst Ave, Hollywood, California, 90027.  The telephone number is (323) 467-4949. Joe Blasco is the chief executive officer, executive corporate director, and chief financial officer.

This Center does not have any pending positions in bankruptcy, is not operating as a debtor in possession, has not filed a petition for bankruptcy or debt reorganization in the past 5 years under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code (11 U.S.C. Sec. 1101 et seq.)

7. Licenses

Joe Blasco Cosmetics, Inc. dba Joe Blasco Make-up Center East, and as Joe Blasco Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Center, Joe Blasco Enterprise,  and Joe Blasco Cosmetics is licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education (CIE) (License #1382), 325 West Gaines Street, Suite 1414, Tallahassee, Florida, 32399-0400, and (850) 245-3200. The Joe Blasco Cosmetics, Inc. Make-up Artistry Material Procedures Training Center in Hollywood is proud to be licensed by The Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education, 400 R Street, Suite 5000, Sacramento, California  95814-6200, (916) 445-3427. Joe Blasco is a fully licensed esthetician in the state of California.

8. Facility Locations

The Joe Blasco Cosmetics, Inc. Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Centers are strategically located near major shops, motion picture studios, and theaters for the convenience of the trainee.

Orlando Center
Joe Blasco Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Center
5422 Carrier Drive, Suite 304
Orlando, Florida  32819

Hollywood Center
Joe Blasco Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Center
1670 Hillhurst Ave
Hollywood, California 90027

Palms Springs Center
Joe Blasco Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Center
1285 N. Valdivia Way
Palm Springs, California 92262

9. The Facility

The spacious session rooms in the Joe Blasco Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Centers are designed to duplicate the actual environment of major film and television studio make-up departments. These training areas are open, comfortable, professionally mirrored, lighted, and shadow-free environments that permit the trainee to work at maximum efficiency without distraction. The number of make-up stations allows for a maximum session size of 60. The facility also includes a special make-up effects laboratory, a live demonstration/lecture stage and session room, a live video review/recording area, the Center Director’s office, and trainee handicap-equipped restrooms. These are all made visible during the tour of a perspective trainee and also during the facility tour on the first day. These amenities are available at all times when the center is open.

10. The Private Center Official Catalog

This publication may be updated during the effective period of this catalog. Copies will be made available to current trainees when updates are approved and added to the catalog. The next catalog will be published by April 1, 2015.