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Acceptance Policy Requirements

Acceptance Policy Requirements

To be accepted to the Joe Blasco Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Centers a prospective trainee must complete an interview and possible testing with Joe Blasco, the acceptance director and/or operations manager, complete an Application for Consideration and submit it to the center. Trainees whose Application is approved will be notified. The trainee and the Center’s Director will then complete the Acceptance Agreement that must be accompanied by the required non-refundable Attendance Fee paid by the trainee.

Prospective trainees for the H.D Professional lab-Persons Prosthetic Laboratory Materials Procedures Training session must have attended the H.D Professional Journeyman Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training session, or be able to demonstrate that they have competence in all areas taught in the H.D Professional Journeyman Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training session. Non-session completers can generally attempt to demonstrate such competence through submission of a portfolio to be evaluated by Mr. Blasco and/or the Center’s Director. The applicant must demonstrate competence in the professional make-up materials application areas deemed necessary by Mr. Blasco to receive consideration for acceptance.

As a prospective trainee, you are encouraged to review this catalog, which also displays all specific sessions prior to signing the acceptance agreement. It is the Center’s policy to provide this information as well as a copy of all signed acceptance documents to each trainee upon induction.

This center is authorized, under federal law, to enroll non-immigrant alien trainees. The process for obtaining an M-1 Visa begins with a prospective trainee making a written application to the center. Once the center determines that a prospective trainee’s qualification meet all standards for acceptance and has accepted the applicant for induction in a full training session, the center issues a certificate of eligibility (I-20 M-N). That certificate is then taken by the trainee to the American Consulate in the trainee’s home country for use in supporting the M-1 Visa application.

Training is only conducted in English. Proficiency in the English language is a necessary requirement for attendance. You must be able to clearly read, write and understand English enough to communicate fluently with the Director in order to complete the acceptance process. Only English language sessions are conducted on our premises. All training is conducted on a systematic rotary basis and trainees may begin attendance on any first day of each specific area of training.