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Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff

Joe Blasco President/CEO, Founder and 100% Owner – Hollywood/Orlando/Palm Springs

Current working MakeUp Artist in Hollywood for 54+ years.

Assistant to the Orlando Facility Managing Director

Professional trainers and guest trainers will be brought in for service throughout the sessions and are subject to change fully concurrent with industry needs, changes and unforeseen events. They are personally selected, evaluated and approved by Mr. Blasco as artisans in various aspects of professional make-up artistry materials application procedures.

Mr. Blasco and his entire staff are very proud and extremely pleased to be the first to offer our unique and visibly precise new methods of utilizing the tools necessary to gain only the most state of the art results as consummate professionals in this exiting and creatively satisfying field. We welcome you to the new era of expanded digital make-up artistry materials procedures training, understanding, and application.

We welcome you to our growing family of professional make-up artistry representatives.