Attendee/Trainee Formal Information
& Requirements

Attendee/Trainee Formal Information & Requirements

1. Learning Resources

The definitive textbooks “The Professional Makeup Artist” by Joe Blasco Volumes I, II, and, III are the main learning sources for all sessions provided.

2. Attendance Policy

Joe Blasco Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Center trainees are expected to attend each session unless prevented by illness or other unavoidable circumstances as outlined above in section E.  Attendance is taken for each class session. Trainees who will be absent are required to call the Center prior to the start of each day’s session to report their absence in order to receive an excused absence. Trainees who fail to report their absence prior to the start of each day’s session shall receive an unexcused absence.  Intentional session misses are not condoned and shall be recorded as unexcused absences. Trainees arriving after attendance has been taken shall be marked tardy.

Repeated, unexcused absences from sessions (3 or more), repeated tardiness (3 or more) or any combination of the two may result in a two-week probation. Failure to improve may result in dismissal from the session. A dismissed trainee will receive a tuition refund as outlined in the Withdrawal and Settlement Policy.

3. Session Hours

Sessions are scheduled Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM when H.D Professional Commercial Beauty Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training-(commercial pro-case kit), H.D Professional Journeyman Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training (journeyman pro-case kit), H.D Professional Lab-Persons Prosthetic Laboratory Materials Procedures Training, H.D Professional Masters I Key Make-up Materials Procedures training and H.D Professional Masters II Department Head Make-up Materials Procedures Training is in session.   Assigned workshop can be used for additional practice and also to make up missed time. Contact the Center Director for a schedule of session offerings. According to industry standards all scheduled training sessions may be changed, substituted, and/or replaced to accommodate arising situations, events, and professional dictates and requirements.

4.  Trainee Records

A file is kept for each accepted trainee showing academic records and progress.  In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, these confidential records may be reviewed by the trainee for accuracy and cannot be released without the trainee’s consent to anyone, except a legally constituted authority.  Consent must be in writing for each 3rd party request. Trainees must make a written request and set an appointment with the Center Director to view their records. Before publishing and/or selling “directory information” for either the trainee or guardian such as the name, address, phone number and e-mail address (es) of the trainee, date and place of birth, major field of study, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, dates of session completion, previous training sessions attended, and/or date of session completion  from previous training sessions, allow the trainee or guardian to deny the authority to publish one or more of these aforementioned items. All records will be kept for a maximum of seven years.

5. Conduct

Trainees are subject to federal, state, and local laws as well as the professional, levied rules and, regulations of the Center which are created, augmented and amended according to the profession’s normal and customary accepted manner in which professional make-up artistry material procedures training is offered, trained, and conducted by and through Mr. Blasco’s knowledge, understanding and iconic experience within the industry. The breach or violation of any of these laws or Joe Blasco Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Center regulations may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension or dismissal from the Center. Trainees are expected to maintain good grooming and behavioral standards, and to meet the trainee dress code. Those trainees, who fail to do acceptable work, have excessive tardiness/absences, or who conduct themselves in a manner deemed unacceptable by the center will be terminated.

The Center reserves the right to suspend or dismiss a trainee if such actions are considered to be in the best interest of the trainee or the Center, or if it has been found that the trainee has gained acceptance or financial assistance through false records or fraud.

6. Hygiene and Dress Code

Throughout all phases of each session offered at the Joe Blasco Make-up Artistry Materials Procedures Training Center, very strict rules governing aseptic and hygienic techniques are stressed. Hygiene inspection is performed periodically to assure that each trainee is aware of and is maintaining proper personal hygiene and grooming which is conducive to good health and professional requirements.

To promote professionalism, all trainees are required to wear a Joe Blasco t-shirt, supplied in the make-up kit, during make-up application sessions in the formal training/session and workshop sessions.

7. Advising

Advisors are available to assist in registering, searching out values and interests, advising in planning, and deciding careers.  The Center also provides referrals to outside organizations for trainees experiencing emotional or family problems.  An appointment to speak with an advisor may be made in person or by telephone.  A list of advisors is provided to trainees during orientation, and is also posted at various locations throughout the center.

8. Session Completion

Upon completion of the session, if the trainee has earned a score of 70% or higher, has attended all required clock hours, has concluded all financial arrangements necessary, and has successfully completed all specialized field requirements, then the trainee is eligible for completion.

9. Housing

Joe Blasco Make-Up Artistry Materials Training Centers do not provide housing for trainees. A list of recommended local complexes can be obtained on our web site or e-mailed to you upon request.