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Student Visa

Student Visa Information

Joe Blasco Make-up Artist Training Centers are Authorized Under Federal Law To Enroll Non-Immigrant Alien Students

In order to study at Joe Blasco Training Centers; a foreign student must first obtain a student visa from their local U.S. Embassy or Consulate. In order to obtain a student visa, the student must first register at Joe Blasco Training Centers and provide us with a completed I-20 Application, $500 deposit to the school, and proof of financial support. Upon receiving the required documents, we will issue you a completed I-20 with an Acceptance Letter. You must then take the I-20 and SEVIS I-901 fee receipt to your local embassy or consulate with your supporting financial documents.

Before a U.S. Consul or Embassy will grant you a student visa, you must prove that you will have sufficient funds to meet all your expenses while studying the U.S. Unless you show a written evidence of having financial support for the entire time needed to complete your program, you will not be granted a student visa.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and SEVIS has changed the policy for M-1 Visas, requiring a fee of $200.00 (SEVIS Form I-901 fee). You can pay at: This payment will have to be made before you attend your interview with the U.S. Consulate.

For more information on student visas, please visit the U.S. Department of State website: