Payment Plans &
Student Loans

Payment Plans & Student Loans

Trainees are expected to pay for each program, by using personal resources.  However, the Center maintains a relationship with SLM Financial Corporation, a Sallie Mae company, as a private source of loans. Loan availability is dependent on the trainee’s credit. The trainee must repay any loans to the lending institution.

The Center is also approved by the State Approving Agency for the Training of Veterans and is a participating institution in the Central Florida Workforce Development program.

Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan

To Apply:

  1. Visit
  2. Click Get Started
  3. You will be asked to accept all Terms and Conditions before proceeding
  4. Fill in your personal information
  5. For school information type in Joe Blasco Make Up Center
  6. Select Certificate from the degree/Certificate of study  drop down box
  7. Select OTHER for major( not cosmetology)
  8. Select Full Time for Enrollment Status
  10. Type in 0 for cumulative  GPA on a scale  of OTHER
  11. For the Academic Loan Period manually enter the dates based on your program start and end dates
  12. Enter the anticipated Graduation/Completion
  13. When calculating the loan amount enter the course cost (less the $100 out-of-pocket deposit) as your cost of attendance
  14. Enter $0.00 for your Estimated Financial Assistance
  15. If you desire to have living expenses you may request up to $6,000.00 additional for the requested loan amount. Be sure this amount covers the course cost PLUS any additional living expenses you may require.
  16. Enter your Employment Information
  17. Select the appropriate boxes for your financial Information
  18. Fill in your Personal Contacts
  19. Choose whether you want to Apply Individually or Apply with a cosigner.
  20. Review the information and Submit Application
  21.  1-888-2- SALLIE. Our school code is 60051400 (Orlando) 60051500( Hollywood)

The innovative Smart Option Student Loan helps you save money, build your credit and pay off your student loan faster.

With the Smart Option Student Loan you may be eligible to borrow up to the full cost of your education. Designed to help you graduate with less student loan debt and help you pay it off faster, the Smart Option Student Loan requites making interest-only payments while in school and during the six-month separation period to avoid capitalized interest. A credit worthy cosigner may also help you qualify and/or receive a lower interest rate.


  • You must attend an eligible school, be an undergraduate student or attending an eligible associate, graduate, or technical/trade program at least half time In some circumstances, the Smart Option Student Loan is available no less-than half time students and students enrolled in a continuing education program.
  • U.S citizen enrolled In eligible study abroad programs or studying at medical schools outside the United States are also eligible.
  • International students are eligible with a creditworthy cosigner (who must be a U.S citizen or permanent resident) and appropriate U.S citizenship and Immigration Service documentation.
  • You must meet current credit and other eligibility criteria.