Joe Blasco Hi-Tone Intensifier

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Joe Blasco Hi-Tone Intensifier

Hi-Tone intesifier- finely milled, loose. Iridescent, very reflective face powders for beauty, fashion and fantasy make-up purposes. Also used on extensive areas of the body to create reflective color effects (tops of shoulders, or more).

These products are quite useful as over-powders to increase halation.
Pearl white and yellow gold can be mixed with lip-gloss and/or applied over or mixed into lip color either before or after lip color application. Bronzer can be applied over dark skin to increase halation and can be used for various types of exotic fantasy make-ups, and both for face and body.

Color description for hi-tone intesifier:

    • Bronzer- moderately reflective bronzer.
    • Pearl white- highly reflective pearl powder for iridescent effects on light skin.
    • Yellow gold- highly reflective gold powder for iridescent effects on dark skin.

General Usage:

Joe Blasco Hi-Tone intensifiers are highly iridescent/pearlized powders.

Joe Blasco Hi-Tone Intensifier

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