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Kim Kardashian using Joe Blasco Cosmetics UltraBase Foundation
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Joe Blasco went to the drawing board with the aim of developing and perfecting his own modernized cosmetic formulations. Within his laboratory, he creates color cosmetics, which feature unique pigment-based cream products as their cornerstone. Joe Blasco products instantly set the standard for the industry and became the preferred products of professional make-up artists, cosmetologists, aestheticians, and film and television celebrities worldwide. Joe Blasco Cosmetics, due to their natural hypoallergenic qualities and amazing corrective abilities, are widely recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. These unparalleled products have proven ideal for everyday use, providing long-lasting, undetectable coverage. As an avid supporter of animal rights, Joe Blasco uses completely cruelty-free materials and processes.

We invite you to order directly from this site, or you may choose to fax your orders directly to: 760-322-2383 or call the Mega Makeup Store Customer Service Department at: 760-322-2526.

All questions concerning product usage may be directed by phone to the Customer Service Department at:  760-322-2526 or via email to:

Leading the Fine Art of MakeUp into the new Millennium™

November 12, 2019

I’m sorry to inform you that “Rudy Dog Blasco” the senior cruelty free mascot for Joe Blasco Cosmetics has passed away comfortably today in my arms. Rudy was 16 years of age.

I and Katrina Waristo purchased Rudy in Turku Finland 16 years ago. We originally only wanted him for a “cruelty-free” photo shoot, but I fell in love with him and brought him home with me to the USA. We were quietly told that he was born and then “smuggled” into Finland from St. Petersburg Russia! He has quite a history. The then Ambassador of the United States to Finland invited me to the Embassy to do her makeup and to have dinner. One week later she surprised me with the gift of a special international “doggie” passport which enabled Rudy to fly around the world with me without any problems of quarantine.

He traveled the world and loved airports and especially loved looking out of the airplane window constantly. Rudy was also trained as a medical alert service dog which enabled him to go anywhere.

He loved to eat, and outside of guarding me 24 hours a day, eating was his main passion.

He was a real character with a very unique personality unlike any other dogs I have had in the past.

Rudy obviously brought me great joy and worked with me constantly by my side during all of the most troubling times …

I now hope I can be as strong without him by my side as I was when he was there…

He will be missed, always in my heart and never forgotten.

Joe Blasco

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