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Joe Blasco Cosmetics Base Matching Color Chart

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  1. Simply find the color category of your skin at the very top of the chart (shown from left to right) and look at the box below it to see the foundation color names shown.
  2. Every foundation base color shown in the box will actually work well for you.
  3. When there are three or four foundation colors to choose from, they are all in the same “value“ (lightness to darkness) and all will work well on your skin color-tone.
  4. So it’s just a matter of experimentation and preference. Any foundation color you choose in the box under your skin color category will offer you beautiful flawless coverage and a semi Matt finish.
  5. Most people will purchase two or three foundations from within the box, or all of them to experiment with and mix together.
  6. When you mix the foundations together you can create an absolutely flawless and perfect complexion just like Kim Kardashian.
  7. Remember to apply your foundation either with a white Joe Blasco micro porous make up sponge or a foundation brush just like Kim Kardashian did in her video.
  8. Be sure to put the Ultrabase Foundation on very thin and evenly and do not apply it heavily in any area unless you want more coverage. Pat onto the areas where you want more coverage and stroke it lightly onto the areas where you want less coverage and more transparency.
  9. Be sure to blend your Ultrabase Foundation onto your neck as far down as possible. Also touch it to your ears so your ears will match your face. Don’t forget the sides of your neck and down onto your chest and the tops of your shoulders if they are visible. Just lightly brush the foundation onto all exposed skin which you want to appear even, smooth and absolutely flawless.
  10. Joe Blasco Ultrabase Foundations do not always have to be powdered because they are so fantastically full of pigment! Alone they will produce a beautiful semi- Matt finish without powder.
  11. However if you prefer a more matte finish you can use Joe Blasco No-Color powder either in compact form applied with a powder brush or a clean cheek color brush. If you prefer loose powder apply it with a clean, white, high-quality velour Joe Blasco “celebrity“ powder puff.
  1. Never apply powder heavily. Observe your application closely and only apply enough to produce a beautiful matte finish. If you can see powder you have applied far too much. Simply lightly brush it off.
  1. If you wish you may lightly pat to blot the entire surface of your foundation application with a flatly folded tissue to remove any excess sheen prior to the application of powder. This “blotting” will also help to set and stabilize your make up prior to the application of powder.

Blotting will also allow your powder application to not go on blotchy, but will go on smoothly and will produce an even more beautiful and flawless complexion.

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