Joe Blasco Lip Gloss

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Joe Blasco Lip Gloss

A cream gloss formula that contains iridescent reflective pigments.

Color description for lip gloss:

Golden Glaze: highly-reflective, finely-milled, pearlescent gold for use on tan to very dark skin; the preferred gloss for providing a gold accent upon brown lip colors.

Natural Tint: colored with a minimum of pink-red pigment for an extremely translucent, natural tint; imparts sufficient gloss to reflect light while retaining the color of the previously-applied lip color.

Pearl Peach: a highly reflective, finely milled pearl pigment, suitable for use over all lip colors, creating a pearl reflective accent.

Pink Bronze: a highly reflective, finely, milled, pinked yellow-bronze pigment that is suitable for use over primary-applied red and mauve-brown lip colors.

Nude: a small percentage of yellow brown-beige pigment; imparts a natural sheen and translucent color tint; useful in aiding the neutralization of excessive blueness from natural lip color when applied directly over clean lips and from primary-applied lip color especially coral colors.

Ghost: a pearlized, gray-colored gloss that is used for unusual, high fashion, avant-garde make-up designs; most effective when used over the very dark brown lip colors.

Joe Blasco Lip Gloss

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