Joe Blasco Lipstick


Joe Blasco Lipstick

Lipsticks and Glosses, uniquely formulated to naturally seal in moisture, have a silky smooth texture, providing incredibly easy application and long-lasting wear. A perfect pout enhancer that keeps your lips in the spotlight! Available in variety of colors that fits your taste.

Joe blasco lip colors are in different formulations:

Velvet Formula: a creamy consistency of lip color. The darkest red colors may stain slightly because of their high percentage of pigment but are easily removable with tissue and make-up remover for fast and efficient touchups.

Matte Formula: a higher-pigmented version of the velvet formula that produces a longer-lasting, flat, non-reflective surface.

Sheer Formula: contains the least amount of pigment to produce an extremely sheer, translucent effect.

Shimmer Formula: contains the same pigmentation ratio as the velevet formula with pearlscent and opal particles for greater light reflection.

Joe Blasco Velvet Lipstick

Joe Blasco Matte Lipstick

Joe Blasco Sheer Lipstick

Joe Blasco Shimmer Lipstick