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A Sample of Joe Blasco Beauty Make-Up Technique

Base Selection

After skin care, make-up begins with the foundation. To choose the proper foundation you must determine the undertone and value of the model’s skin. Undertone is the intrinsic color found within the skin. Value is the lightness or darkness of the skin. Joe Blasco Bases are designed to realistically match the undertone by being divided into two categories, Olive and Ruddy. Within each category there are several series of colors (from light to dark) with varying degrees of yellow-green (Olive) or red (Ruddy).Click edit button to change this text.

Base Application

In this particular Make-up, the model, as the majority of all people, has an olive undertone. Three Joe Blasco Olive Base Series were spot tested on the model’s skin to determine which had the closest undertone match, Special Olive, Olive Beige and Warm Olive. These three series have increasing amounts of olive; Special Olive having the least and Warm Olive having the most. Special Lite Olive #2 was tested on the skin and appeared to be slightly pink, indicating there was not enough richness of olive in the base to match the skin. Warm Olive #2 was tested and was found to be slightly yellow, indicating too much olive. Olive Beige #2 was tested and was found to match the model’s undertone and shade(value) exactly.

All Joe Blasco Cosmetics are highly pigmented. Joe Blasco Ultra Bases contain 55% pigment. This high concentration of pigment allows you to use a small amount of product and achieve a thin application with maximum coverage. Using a Joe Blasco microporous™ sponge, make-upwas taken from the container, then gently applied to the face in a light spreading/patting motion, applying a small amount as if it were a skin stain. On areas that required more coverage, the patting technique was used to deposit a greater concentration of pigment.


Joe Blasco Lightskin Shading contains the gray-brown which appears in naturally occurring shadows. Lightskin Shadingwas applied under the cheekbone to define and enhance the cheekbone by creating a shadow beneath it. To thin and define the nose, shading was placed from the beginning of the eyebrow along the upper sides of the nose and around the nose tip. After application ofthe shading color, the sponge was used to blend and soften the application.


Additional defining and correction were accomplished by the use of Joe Blasco Special Yellow Highlight mixed with a small amount of Olive Beige #2. The mixing of the Base with the Highlighter creates a custom highlighting color that is base-one related. The highlighter was used on the cheekbone, bridge of the nose, and other areas (such as above the eyebrow and nasolabial fold) where natural shadows caused by shallow facial depressions and folds interfere with the smooth, youthful, continuity of the face. After the application, the highlights were blended with the sponge, and the excess was removed using the back of the sponge. Joe Blasco Orange Highlight 1 was chosen for use under the eyes to raise the depression and neutralize the blueness. It was blended and softened with the sponge.


Joe Blasco No-Color Powder, which contains no pigment (making it colorless), was applied with a powder puff to set the highlights without changing the color and intensity of those highlights. Then Joe Blasco Light Powder was applied to other areas of the face to set the make-upand create a matte finish.

At this point the foundation is complete and is ready for the decorative and accent aspects of the make-up, such as Brow-Color™ eye shadow, blush color and lip color. However, before continuing, Joe Blasco Light Finish Powder was lightly dusted over the entire face with a powder brush.


Joe Blasco Georgia Peach Dry Blush was applied to the top of the cheekbone as a highlight accent. On the underside of the cheekbone, Joe Blasco Midnight Copper Dry Blush was used to shadow and add color to the cheeks.


Well-shaped eyebrows will frame and draw focus to your eyes. The model’s eyebrows have been tweezed in the classic style as taught at the Joe Blasco Make-upCenter. Balancing and filling in the eyebrows were accomplished by drawing individual hairs using, “Eddie Leonard” Ultamatte with the Ultamatte Brush. The eyebrows are now in balance with the model’s eyes and complement the face as a whole.


Joe Blasco Eyeshadow may be applied wet or dry. A wet application provides more control, accuracy in placement, and intensity. The Joe Blasco wet-applied method is resistant to wear and lasts much longer, requiring very little touch-up.

The Eyeshadow chosen for this model was Joe Blasco Warm Brown. The Eyeshadow was blended with a damp brush, which provided a soft and subtle look.

Joe Blasco Eyeshadow in the color, “Cream” was used as a highlight below the arch of the eyebrow and on the eyelid, and blended with a damp brush.


Joe Blasco Eddie Leonard Ultamatte was applied with a dry Ultamatte Brush on the upper eyelid, from the tear duct to the outer corner of the eye, then to the center of the bottom lash line. The edge of the liner was then softened with the brush. Black Ultamatte was used around the outside eye corner and within the area already colored with the Eddie Leonard. The bottom lash line (drop shadow) is applied softly from the center of the lower lashes to the outer corner of the eye. The black adds a little more depth and sharpness to the eye design.

Joe Blasco Ultamatte Products are waterproof, highly pigmented, and are best applied with a Joe Blasco Ultamatte Brush(a small, wedge-shaped brush). This unique Micro-Wedge™ brush provides much greater accuracy, from a very thin, sharp and crisp line to a soft, blended, smoky look. The Ultamatte Eye Colors will not smudge or flake over a long day’s wear.


The final touch to the eyes was created by the application of Joe Blasco Mascara. Mascara was applied to the eyelashes with the Joe Blasco Mascara Wand, while also combing and separating

Lip Pencil, Lip Color & Lip Gloss

Joe Blasco Earth Lip Pencil was used to line and alter the shape of the lips. Joe Blasco Mocha Lip Color filled in the lips and Joe Blasco Golden Glaze Lip Gloss was blended on both sides of the Cupid’s Bow and in the center of the lower lip to give the illusion of larger, rounded lips.

Model After Make-up

Joe Blasco Cosmetics go on smoothly and easily, providing professional, long-lasting results. You’ll want the Make-up to be very natural and flattering. To do this, determine your skin’s value (shade: light, medium, dark) and undertone (olive or ruddy), then select a base that will be both complementary and corrective.

Remember, because Joe Blasco cream products contain 55% pigment, they must always be applied very thinly. (Never apply Joe Blasco products so that they appear heavy). Carefully observe the results of each touch of the product to the skin. If you have applied too much, blend the product thin to achieve a natural and undetectable finish. You do not need to use as much Joe Blasco as you would if using another brand. Always blend your application of Ultra-Base™ to appear ultra-thin!.

Because of the high percentage of pigment, Joe Blasco bases and other cream products can be applied with either a dry or a wet foam latex sponge, or fingertips!

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