The Orlando Facility

A professional make-up artist training center in Orlando, Florida. Our artists learn a broad range of techniques that equip them to work anywhere from cosmetics companies across the country to the special make-up effects departments for film, and television. The Joe Blasco Make-Up Training Centers have turned out many Academy and Emmy award winning graduates. The training areas are open, spacious, professionally mirrored, lighted and shadow-free environments that allow the trainee to work at maximum efficiency. The prosthetic lab contains all the equipment necessary to create their very own prosthetic character and has an additional classroom for lecture and demo.

The Orlando Facility includes:

  1. The Make-up Department Application Area Classrooms
  2. Special Make-up Effects Prosthetics Lab
  3. School Administrators’ Offices
  4. Job/Announcements Bulletin Board
  5. Restrooms and break area
  6. Photography Studio
  7. 1st Floor Photo Gallery
  8. Study Hall
  9. Professional Make-up Demonstration/Lecture Hall