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Joe Blasco Cosmetics

Joe Basco Italiani


Born in 1884, in Villarosa, Sicilia, Italy, Carmela Cervellaro was the beauty expert in her small town. Mixing creams for the skin, she actually started the cosmetics awareness in her family. After immigration to the

U.S.A. In the early 1900’s, she still mixed natural ingredients and emollients together in her kitchen while her 7 year old grandson, Joe Blasco, watched. This began Joe Blasco’s interest in cosmetics chemistry.

Joe Blasco remembered these times throughout his career as one of the world’s most prolific of makeup professionals and has returned to his ancestry to create cosmetics which produce the finest results with unsurpassed performance across the board – “Joe Blasco Cosmetici Italiani”. Following his family heritage, Joe Blasco Cosmetici Italiani are proudly made under his direct supervision in the cosmetics capital of the world, Italy.

  • The most definitive eyeliner made - small lines, big lines, bold lines are all done by this superior eyeliner. Hard Tipped Eyeliner in black is unlike any liquid eyeliner you ever used.
  • The perfect non-cracking water resistant eyeliner that is great for small lines with a curvy flair. Great for High-Fashion makeups. Can even make hair-like lines on dark eyebrows.
  • This luxurious Mat Lip Stick is highly-pigmented and designed for long-lasting wear. Being made with the highest quality ingredients makes these lipsticks the most uniquely comfortable lipsticks you will ever wear. Paraben-Free - Highly Pigmented - Long-Lasting - Water Resistant.


  • This liquid formula innovation from Joe Blasco Cosmetics is easily applied without the blending problems of dry products. Sublime Liquid Blush is a highly pigmented liquid that is used on the cheekbones, but can also be applied on the lips or as an overall blush tint to provide a natural healthy beautiful ‘color glow’. Oil-free and paraben free. It is available in TWO colors:  ARANCIO CORALLO and ROSA BEIJE.
  • A new formula innovation from Joe Blasco. This clear "liqui-gel" is possibly the best Skin Primer available. It will out preform any skin primer available. (See additional information below)