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Italian Black Ultra-Pro Lash Mascara (New)


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The new Joe Blasco Italian Ultra-Pro Waterproof Mascara is quite different from our original formula because it is much higher in pigment and is made from a more complicated homogenized blend of Creamy Non-water soluble Cruelty-free Emollients. It ingredients are conditioning to the individual lash hairs, non-drying to the lash hairs, non-transferable when thoroughly dried, non-clumping, lash extending and waterproof!

The black pigmentation ratio has been increased by 30% from the original formula and the pigments are much more intense and extremely deep in shade and very solidly vivid.

This formulation enables the user to produce extreme accuracy when being applied to the lashes. The new formula allows the applicator to separate the lashes, to lengthen them and to color them very deeply while simultaneously making them waterproof.

You can actively swim or shower wearing this product and it will not run.

The drying time is the same as the original regular mascara, but with all of the newly added benefits.

The new wand applicator bristles helps to pinpoint mascara application onto the shortest lashes and allows successive coats of mascara to be applied without flaking smearing or transferring. Allow each coat of mascara to dry thoroughly before applying the next, this will permit the lashes to separate beautifully and to lengthen dramatically while still retaining a natural attractive look.

No other mascara provides all of the above professional results as accurately and as perfectly as the new Joe Blasco waterproof Italian Ultra-Pro Wand Mascara.

The new container is easier to hold and to handle during application as well as more able to be tightly sealed when closed to prevent leaking to not damage the interior of fine silk lined purses and designer bags.

This New Joe Blasco Italian Ultra-Pro Waterproof Wand Mascara can also be very effectively used as eyebrow coloring for use when swimming or showering.

This product will remain intact and not smear or run and has become the product of choice for use on the stars of the most popular daytime drama television shows, and especially during “crying” scenes.

This all purpose mascara has also been effectively used on the hair of the head by professionals to color the silver-gray hair-root re-growth on brown and black hair.

The black  mascara can be mixed to produce any degree of shade between the brown color and the incredibly intense black.

The accuracy of the fine thin wand and it’s perfectly spaced bristles makes it ideal for the pin-pointed temporary enhancement and correction, as well as waterproofing, of the lashes and brows.

60 years of professional experience in the make up industry has finally led to this one mascara which can do it all! This fine very advanced formula is only available from Joe Blasco.

This mascara is completely cruelty-free and has only been tested on humans and specifically on Hollywood Motion picture and Television stars and celebrities!

Many politicians also use this unique product to cover the silver hair growth at their temples for a younger rejuvenated look.

…men use this mascara too!

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