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Dermaceal Medium


Dermaceal is a highly pigmented concealer that is used for intense skin discoloration and minor scars.  This product is water resistant and available in Light, Medium, Dark, Red Away and Blue Away.

  • Red Away: effective in concealing port wine stains and birthmarks
  • Blue Away: conceals black eyes, bruises and dark birthmarks.
  • Dermaceals are excellent for concealing postoperative bruises and other medical conditions
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Joe Blasco Corrective Products used to alter the light reflection from the skin’s surface to create the illusion of re-contouring, Joe Blasco cream shading and highlighting products have been an industry favorite for decades. A “foundation” is not just a basic application of base to the skin.  A proper “foundation” also includes correction of any imperfections on the skins surface including blemishes, under eye circles and discoloring/spottiness. The unique line of corrective products from the Joe Blasco line can achieve this correction.

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