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PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP BRUSHES – A full understanding for the Pro

Makeup Brushes have been the essential tool of the makeup artist since the beginning of the profession in the late 1800’s. In fact, the professional makeup artist in Hollywood were not allowed to start their own makeup artist local initially, and the painter’s union accepted makeup artist into their union because they both used brushes.

Makeup brushes have undergone some dramatic changes over the years. The first brushes were undoubtedly designed by the Egyptians. One of the oldest makeup brushes in existence dates back to about 600 A.D. and was found in a Saxon Cemetery in England.

Today there are millions of brush types, all based on alterations of a few basic designs. The “masters” who created these basic designs created a standard in the industry. Over the last few years many “wanna-be’s” have created (mostly selected from stock inventories) their brush lines based on all the basic designs utilizing an array of brush parts, handle choices, and hair types – most of which do nothing to add to the makeup application but look good on a vanity.