Joe Blasco Ultamatte


Joe Blasco Ultamatte™

Ultamatte™, also known as “Ultamatte Eye Magic”, is a unique, dense cream make-up that comes in highly pigmented color formulations and has the exact pigmentation ratio as dermaceal (85%).

Ultamatte™ is waterproof and formulated in colors that correspond for use as eyebrow color, eyelid shadow (eye shadow), eyelid color (eyecolor ), upper eyeliner (lift shadow) and lower eyeliner (drop shadow). Ultamatte™ is an extremely versatile product that can also be employed by the creative makeup artist for aging effects.

The Ultra “UEM” brush is specifically designed for use with this product.

General usage:

Ultamatte™ is applied dry ( never wet ) with the Ultamatte Eye Magic brush (UEM), a special wedge brush that is extremely thin and chiseled ( short out-of-ferrule ), designed specifically to apply Ultamatte as a make-up for eyelining and eyebrow restructuring.

Ultamatte™ will not flake, transfer, or smear and is easily applied. It may be blended with the tip of a chiseled-cut, micro porous, synthetic, foam latex or polyurethane sponge, or with the tip of foam sponge-tipped applicators, of which there are many sizes and varieties .Ultamatte™ is waterproof.

Joe Blasco Ultamatte™

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