Joe Blasco Ultrabase


If you would like help with your Foundation Base Color Selection directly from Joe Blasco himself Please watch the video below.

Joe Blasco Cosmetics Ultrabase Video

Joe Blasco Ultrabase™

The cornerstone of the Joe Blasco line, Ultrabase foundation is highly pigmented, which means that it only needs a very thin application to achieve incredible coverage! Ultrabase is non-oily, lightweight, and will not streak, crease, or discolor. Available in over thirty colors, Ultrabase is a perfect, long-lasting foundation for all skin types.

The Studio Base Series enables the artist to pick and choose from a wide range of colors that will satisfy the fleshtone. These eighteen colors quickly, easily and accurately match real human fleshtonein both value and undertone.

General Usage:

Applied in a conventional manner, but must be applied extremely thin. Always best to simply select a color value that matches the skin color ( lightness or darkness )

Joe Blasco Ultrabase™ Natural Collection

Joe Blasco Ultrabase™ Olive Collection

Joe Blasco Ultrabase™ Special Olive Collection

Joe Blasco Ultrabase™ Ruddy Collection

Joe Blasco Ultrabase™ Tan Collection

Joe Blasco Ultrabase™ Special Dark Skin Collection

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