Joe Blasco Ultrabase


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Joe Blasco Ultrabase™

The cornerstone of the Joe Blasco line, Ultrabase foundation is highly pigmented, which means that it only needs a very thin application to achieve incredible coverage! Ultrabase is non-oily, lightweight, and will not streak, crease, or discolor. Available in over thirty colors, Ultrabase is a perfect, long-lasting foundation for all skin types.

The Studio Base Series enables the artist to pick and choose from a wide range of colors that will satisfy the fleshtone. These eighteen colors quickly, easily and accurately match real human fleshtonein both value and undertone.

General Usage:

Applied in a conventional manner, but must be applied extremely thin. Always best to simply select a color value that matches the skin color ( lightness or darkness )

Joe Blasco Ultrabase™ Natural Collection

Joe Blasco Ultrabase™ Olive Collection

Joe Blasco Ultrabase™ Special Olive Collection

Joe Blasco Ultrabase™ Ruddy Collection

Joe Blasco Ultrabase™ Tan Collection

Joe Blasco Ultrabase™ Special Dark Skin Collection

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